Published On: Thu, Dec 26th, 2019

Movie Review: Christmas in Connecticut – Seasonal Fun

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Peter Godfrey directed the Warner Brothers classic, Christmas in Connecticut. While dated in some aspects, the enjoyment is perennial. While there may be no Barbara Stanwyck counterpart lusting after a mink coat this season, and the advice given to male lead Dennis Morgan about how to manipulate a woman may be politically incorrect, the story about the unpredictability of love, of obligatory and hierarchical relationships, of the importance of honesty, all ring current and true.

Ms. Stanwyck never seems to disappoint on celluloid; she has an enigmatic quality that is magnetic; her ability to appear vulnerable one moment and calculating the next keeps her interesting and appealing. When she finally gives voice to her true feelings, she is a progressive woman way beyond the era of the 1940s.

Barbara Stanwyck, Dennis Morgan, Sydney Greenstreet are Classis Performers

Other cast members are also memorable. Sydney Greenstreet as the crusty publishing tycoon Alexander Yardley is a bit stereotypical, but still a lovable old curmudgeon. Left alone by his own family for the holidays and loving nothing more than a good meal, Yardley soon invites himself to the lovely Connecticut farm of one of his lead food writers, Elizabeth Lane (Ms. Stanwyck). S.Z. Sakall plays Felix Bassenak, the real chef behind the column fabricated by Ms. Lane.

The farm that Elizabeth Lane has created in her magazine articles is all fictional, but no one is the wiser until Ms. Lane finds herself required to host a war hero (Dennis Morgan) and her boss, Mr. Yardley, somewhere in Connecticut. A single woman living in a high rise apartment, suddenly Ms. Lane must create in reality the fiction which skyrocketed her to fame in the magazine world. Reginald Gardner as John Sloan comes to the rescue and bails out the lovely Ms. Lane by helping provide a location and most of the details to prop up the anxious food columnist. Mr. Sloan is the mature, somewhat unappealing gentleman suitor that has long pursued Ms. Lane to no avail.

Dennis Morgan as a Singing Male Lead is Appealing in the Role

Christmas in Connecticut - Seasonal Fun

Through a series of duplicities, undercurrents of attraction continue surging like electrical currents in the film. With the beautiful snow, the idyllic Connecticut home and hearth, and a host of memorable characters, Christmas in Connecticut is thoroughly enjoyable. Some of the action is predictable and convenient, but somehow that does not diminish the fun one iota.

Perhaps it is the star quality of the performers, the excellence in the production, the nostalgia for an earlier time, or the unified message that we are all in this together — whatever the magic potion, there is a quality in this film that keeps it a great way to start off the Christmas viewing season.

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