Published On: Thu, Apr 19th, 2018

Musculum and What to Do if your Child Gets It

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When a parent discovers that their child has Musculum they may be baffled. It is not a common skin virus that many people have, however it is very contagious. The length of the virus can last a few years and be troubling to treat and live with.

Musculum and What to Do if your Child Gets It

Musulum is a part of the pox family. It will appear on the skin like tiny white bumps. These bumps will have a clear liquid fluid in them. They can appear in groups or on their own. Some people will treat them and others will let them fade on their own.

When parents hear that it is a virus that can live in the body for up to eighteen months, it can be frightening. That is a long time to have something live inside a child’s body. The bumps can come and go at anytime during that time period.

The other fact that is troubling, is that the bumps are contagious. If a child has Musculum and scratches a bump and then touches an object, the virus is then on that object. If someone else places their hand on the contaminated object and then scratches their own skin, it can be passed on to them.

They can also be passed along through towels and skin to skin contact. A person with this virus may have their own towel and be careful when taking clothing on and off. Depending on where the bumps are located, changing pillow cases every night or bed sheets may also have to be done.

Each case of the skin condition is different for everyone. Some kids will develop it on their torso and it will spread all over it. While other children may develop tiny white bumps all over the body. If left untreated they will spread.

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