Published On: Sun, Apr 7th, 2013

Music and technology, two things which can’t be separated nowadays

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World today is very advanced with the technology continues to evolve. It is undeniable that almost every aspect of life has been affected by technological developments, including music. When it comes to the relationship of music education with technology, it can be ascertained that there are many major changes that occur due to technological developments.

Education, music, and current technology can’t be separated. Current music as education media has undergone many changes over the development of technology. Maybe classical music education, who did not experience any major changes. This is due to the classical music education such as piano, violin, acoustic guitar, cello, trumpet, and various other classical instruments based on the scores that already exist, can’t changed anymore.

We know that the sound quality is strongly influenced by the electric guitar effects used, besides how to play each player. The appearance of a guitar or stomp box effects are an example of technology development in music, of which only begins with the effects of various types of distortion to the current effect. We must not forget that these things are very important for new players to learn the electric guitar steeped in the use of amplifiers is good and right and how to maximize the existing amplifier. Not to mention the players had to learn for each stomp box, get a voice or sound the best, and learn to set up a course different from the effects of a guitarist with another guitarist in accordance with the needs of each player’s guitar. So we can conclude that education can’t be released electric guitar with technological developments.

These few examples have proved that music has been profoundly affected by technology and dependent.

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