Published On: Mon, Sep 15th, 2014

Navratilova’s Proposal Comes in Front of US Open Crowd

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One of the world’s best tennis players, Martina Navratilova, has recently decided to propose to her girlfriend in front of all the people watching the US Open at the Arthur Ashe Stadium. The proposal took place between the semifinals of the US Open. The proposal was quite a romantic one, with the question, directed to Julia Lemigova, popping out on the Tennis Channel Suite last Saturday. It was even followed by audience cheering loudly for the proposal in question.

Love Proposal

According to Navratilova, who proposed, she was very nervous while attempting to make the proposal come true but thankfully, everything fell into place with her girlfriend actually accepting her proposal. Navratilova had even revealed that the feeling she had during the time of the proposal was like she was actually watching herself doing the proposal because normally, she would only see other people do it, be it in the real life or in the movies.


Navratilova, who is now 57 years old, has proudly won no less than 18 single titles for the Grand Slam tennis competition, the same amount of winnings as that of Chris Evert. Her score, however, may well be matched by Serena Williams, also a very famous and talented world class tennis player, in an upcoming match which is scheduled to take place this oncoming Sunday.


Speaking of the proposal, Navratilova unveiled that there was actually a friend of hers, her fellow tennis player, who suggested that she do it within the changeover period of the first match, which saw Novak Djokovic played Kei Nishikori. Yet, Navratilova was worried that she might interfere with the players’ game and that was something that she did not have the slightest intention of doing. Taking that very factor into her consideration, there actually seemed to be a problem at first because after the match, Navratilova would have to partner with Jana Novotna to play a doubles game against Gigi Fernandez and Tracy Austin. Therefore, Navratilova tried all she could in order to postpone the start of the doubles game but to no avail because she simply would not let anyone know about her plan of proposing her girlfriend just yet. She was even anxious that the first game between Djokovic and Nishikori would extend to five sets. If this was the case, she might no longer have the chance to make her proposal come true. Fortunately, though, the first game between Djokovic and Nishikori ended only after four sets.


Having succeeded in proposing to her girlfriend, Navratilova was also very lucky to gain victory in her subsequent doubles game. When Navratilova stepped into the locker room, somehow, Austin, another tennis player engaged in the competition, did not even know at all about the proposal. As such, Navratilova had to re-enact everything to Austin.


According to Martina Navratilova, she and her girlfriend, Julia Lemigova, have decided that they will go to Florida to get married and start a life there. Only last month, however, a federal judge declared that gay marriage ban was actually unconstitutional, yet, the authorities in Florida were appealing.


To Austin, Navratilova also unveiled about how she lost the final game in the US Open back in the year 1981 and despite her being runner up, she was proud and happy to receive such a long ovation from the fans. To Martina Navratilova, that was the very first time when she truly had the feeling of becoming a true citizen of America and how the country could actually accept her status as a gay woman. Now, fast forwarding thirty three years, nineteen of the states in the US, besides the District of Columbia, are already making it possible for gay couples to marry each other. It seems to Martina Navratilova as if her proposal to Julia Lemigova is not only being cheered by the crowd but also by the authorities, which makes everything feel so relieving, both for her and her girlfriend, undoubtedly.

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