Published On: Sat, Feb 22nd, 2014


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As the Lok Sabha polls are drawing closer, the BJP- led NDA seems to be gaining more popularity and increasing its total seat share across the country,  According to this week’s survey, the NDA is surging ahead with 216-236 seats, as on February 20.

The national tracker, however, has not seen much change except for the fact that the Congress-led UPA’s poll fortunes have slipped further down owing to the Telangana row that has made the situation worse for the party and the coalition. It now looks that the NDA will get 216-236 seats followed by non-UPA and non-NDA parties which will get 210-230 seats. The UPA’s possible seat tally has slipped to around 100 seats now.

At the same time, the non-UPA and non-NDA parties seem to be holding a key share of national vote bank, reveals the survey. The study said these parties would get 42 per cent vote share in the upcoming polls while the NDA would get 36 per cent share. The UPA is stuck at the third position with only 22 per cent vote share. The UPA’s share is dipping every week as per the survey done on 1,500 respondents/voters across the country.

The Congress may have got Telangana Bill passed amid chaos in the Rajya Sabha and got saved from the embarrassment of getting it re-passed through the Lok Sabha as the BJP had roadblocked the Bill, demanding at least 20 amendments to the final print. The Congress-led UPA seems to be losing the ground in the southern state which sends 42 MPs to Parliament. At one point, the Congress got 39 MPs from Andhra Pradesh. Now, it seems that it has lost even those seats to Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) in the Telangana region, who anyway will be supporting the party which forms the government at the Centre. What remains to be seen now is whether the party will be able to gain any sympathy after Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalitha decided to let Rajiv’s killers walk free. However, Tamil Nadu sentiments may remain isolated and will not affect the sentiments of the rest of the nation.


The BJP under its prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi aims to get 272 seats while others – possible allies- will hold key as according to the survey, the latter still looks capable of getting 210 to 230. The BJP will be eyeing a lot of these seats as both party president Rajnath Singh and Modi have already launched the hunt for expanding the NDA’s final strength.

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