Published On: Wed, Nov 6th, 2013

New ligament found in humans’ knees

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A previously unidentified band of fibrous tissue runs along the front side of the joint
6:25pm, November 5, 2013
The ALL, or anterolateral ligament, is a newly identified band of fibrous tissue found in the human knee.


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Our knees have a newly named ligament.

Called the ALL, or anterolateral ligament, the band of fibrous tissue has always existed in humans, but surgeons have not described it until now. A team of doctors dissected the knees of 41 human cadavers and looked at the parts of the joint under a microscope. All but one of the cadaver knees had the ligament, which connects the femur and tibia leg bones, the team reports in the October Journal of Anatomy.

Based on the position of the band of tissue, injury — but not repair — of the ALL could explain why some of the roughly 100,000 people who have ACL, anterior cruciate ligament, reconstructions each year in the United States still experience their knees giving out during activity.


The newly identified anterolateral ligament, or ALL, runs along the front side of the human knee.

S. Claes et al/Journal of Anatomy 2013

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