Published On: Mon, Aug 31st, 2015

Next-Gen iOS To Allow Installing Ad Blockers; Tension Among Publishers

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Now blocking ads on iPhones and iPads are easier than before. Apple has smoothened up the feature, but this is troubling publishers and tensions are heightening.

The next-generation mobile operating system from the stable of Apple will be unveiled on September 9 and such apps will be allowed to install that can prevent ads.

Next-Gen iOS To Allow Installing Ad Blocers; Tension Among Publishers

However, the ad blocker can only block those ads that come from Apple’s Safari browser.

The negative aspect of this feature is that it can disrupt the $70 billion annual mobile marketing business. More to this, there has been lately more hope among publishers to generate far more revenue from mobile audience.

The step of Apple is like a competitive weapon to rival Google, which makes more money from Internet advertising. The ad blocker on iOS may also prompt for the same on Google’s Android mobile operating system.

Apple also allows ad blockers on the Safari browser for PCs.

A data reveal 6 percent of users across the global uses ad blockers. In June this year about 198 million Internet users ran ad blockers on their PCs, which is up from 2015 by 40 percent.

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