Published On: Sat, May 23rd, 2015

Nexus OS Held Webinar to Help Businesses Migrate to Skype for Business

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Nexus OS, an IT services and training company based in Exeter, Devon, has recently held a webinar on migrating from PBX to Skype for Business. The event was incredibly well attended and is considered a huge success. It was an opportunity for businesses to find out just what makes Skype for Business so special.

Nexus OS, an Exeter based company that focuses on providing IT solutions, services and training, have recently held a webinar on migrating PBX to Skype for Business. It is hoped that this webinar has empowered more businesses to make the switch, particularly since Skype for Business is such a good platform. As such, more businesses will be able to enjoy its many benefits.

The webinar was designed to show businesses just how easy it is to make the switch from any kind of PBX to Skype for Business. It was offered by Nexus’s Barry Byrne, who is an expert on Skype for Business. During the event, he discussed his various important insights on what the best approaches are for moving over to Skype. He has also discussed the many benefits this system offers over any other type of PBX system. These benefits revolve around the fact that Skype for Business is quicker, more user friendly and far more productive in terms of organisation-wide communication.

The webinar was designed for any business that currently has a PBX, as well as those businesses that are looking at setting up a new communications system. Using Skype for Business is a fantastic way of greatly improving communication across the board.

Some of the highlights of the webinar included:

  • Learning the different approaches that are available to help businesses migrate their current PBX system to Skype for Business. As all businesses are different, different approaches have been made available that allow for the least amount of down time in any type of organisation.
  • Looking at the different SIP migration strategies and reviewing what the pros and cons of each of these strategies are, looking specifically at the three available methods, being cutover, phased and direct migration.
  • Looking at the architecture that could be employed should a business choose a phased migration scenario, which is also the most recommended scenario.
  • A comprehensive Q&A session where any details were ironed out.

Nexus OS is a company that offers a fantastic portfolio of services based around the IT needs of businesses. One of their strengths is that they offer around the clock IT support, 365 days a year. Since starting, they have gained well over 1,000 customers. These span the breadth of small, medium and even global brands. At present, well over 70 people work for Nexus OS and the team continues to grow. Only the greatest experts in their own specific fields are accepted within the close-knit team. This is to ensure the services offered continue to be top of the range. Besides offering various solutions, IT training and webinars, the company also has a high tech IT training centre, which is also an examination centre. This is based in Exeter, Devon.

“At Nexus OS, we have been going on about the benefits of Skype for Business for some time now”, says Barry Byrne, technical consultant and Skype for Business expert with Nexus OS. “Now that we have managed to get that message across, we felt it was time to also offer businesses the assistance they need to actually make the migration itself. This is why we have organised the webinar. The webinar was held on Thursday, 21st May 2015 between, 10.30am and 11.00am GMT and it was incredibly well attended.”


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