Published On: Thu, Apr 11th, 2013

No proper action by the China Government on the Avian Influenza

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Avian Influenza is also known as bird flu or avian flu and it is caused by the viruses which are adapted to the birds. The disease affected many people in China and there arose a question among everyone in China that why veterinary and medical labs have not spotted the vigorous effects of the avian influenza to the public. The censored news media in China has started to question the authorities why they have not revealed the result of the disease earlier in the first human case in the country. People in china are asking why the government has taken long time to confirm the effects of the disease. Communist Youth Daily which is Communist Youth League’s official newspaper said that the government is not providing the transparent information about the disease and the steps which are taken by them haven’t satisfied the people. The officials of the Chinese government have not recognized any poultry which is affected by H7N9 strain of avian influenza. “Disease Control and Prevention Center in Atlanta has started the centers for emergency operations for the flu pandemic. Western health scientists and officials have questioned that, the officials of China purposely concealed the results of the disease for around six weeks since first person got affected with flu. The crucial questions to the veterinary technicians is that whether they are making the serology tests for H5N1 type of bird flu alone or doing tests for wider range of avian flu viruses and decided not to expose the detection of H7N9 strain. Agricultural ministry of china had not responded for the questions which have been submitted through fax the last day. The director of the Influenza Research Center in the University of Hong Kong, Dr. Malik Peiris, informed that the serious challenge in finding H7N9 is that it shows only a few symptoms and still they have not found any poultry affected by the Avian Influenza.

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