Published On: Wed, Oct 4th, 2017

Obesity, Overweight Directly Linked To Cancer: CDC

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A new report of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals forty percent of the cancer diagnosed in United States is linked to obesity and overweight.

Titled as ‘Vital Signs,’ the report said about 24 percent of male cases and 55 percent of female cases were linked to obesity and overweight, and the age group that was affected the most were between 50 and 74.

More than thirty percent of American adults are obese or overweight. Most of the people weigh more than recommended.

CDC director Brenda Fitzgerald said by keeping weight in control a role can be played in cancer prevention.

Obesity, Overweight Directly Linked To Cancer- CDC

In 2014 about 630,000 Americans diagnosed to cancer were obese. The number increased by 7 percent compared to the statistics of 2005.

The cancers which were highly linked with overweight included meningioma, multiple myeloma, adenocarcinoma of the esophagus, and cancers of the thyroid, post-menopausal breast, gallbladder, stomach, liver, pancreas, kidney, ovaries, uterus, colon and rectum (colorectal).

The deadliest among what has been listed were colon and rectal, breast, liver, pancreatic and ovarian.

CDC has also lately urged health care providers to help people manage their health weight by encouraging them to follow healthy lifestyles.

The organization currently runs at least four such programs which are dedicated to the treatment of obesity.

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