Published On: Thu, Apr 13th, 2017

OMG! This Nagaland Tribe Has Dual Visa, Myanmar Border Passes Thruough Kitchen

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How about having a dual citizenship and moving around in and out of both the countries without any checkpost and without any visa. You may be thinking of European Union nations, but this is the truth in India too. People in Longwa village are blessed with such system.

Where is Longwa Village

indo myanmar border

Longwa village is in Northeast India. It is in the Indian state of Nagaland and a part of Mon district. It is about 42 kilometers away from Mon town and very near to the Myanmarese border. The place is beautiful and one would be amazed at the sight-seeing. The India-Myanmar border passes through the village, and in fact it divides the chief’s house.

Who is king of Longwa Village and why is he famous

the angh king with wife

“The Angh” is the chief of the village. In other words he is the king of Konyak Naga and rules over more than 70 villages, several areas even extended up to Myanmar. The interesting thing to know about him is that he has 60 wives.

No Visa to cross border

chief's house

The villagers do not require a visa to cross the Indo-Burma border from either way. It is interesting to know the chief’s son is a member of Myanmar army. Technically the people here have dual citizenship and people from other side of the border work in same Angh’s field, together.

Who are Konyak tribe

konyak tribe

There are sixteen officially recognized tribes in Nagaland and one of those is the Konyak tribe. People of the tribe speak Tibetan-Myanmarese dialect. They also lately speak a mix of Naga and Assamese. Every year, during the first week of April the tribe celebrates Aoling Monyu festival. It is the most spectacular one and worth watching. It is very colorful.

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