Published On: Thu, Jan 22nd, 2015

Online Game Development at Australia: What You Need To Know

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Situated in the Sydney inner city suburb of Ultimo lies one of Australia’s largest game developers called Big World Technology; but many natives don’t even know that it exists.Big World consists of a team of over 100 testers, designers, and coders that are responsible for the technology that powers World of Tanks; a free online game that is one of the largest in the world, with over 100 million registered player accounts. However, this success didn’t happen overnight. It has taken over 30 years for this local developer to make it big on a global level. In fact, it was support from a Russian ally, rather than Australian, that helped to bring about this massive level of success.

To provide an even better picture of online gaming development at Australia, consider this; before the buyout, BigWorld only received $6.4 million in funds from the government and none of this money was delegated for game development. This is, despite the fact that game development was responsible for bringing in millions of dollars into the country. In fact, Tony Reed, the chief executive of the Game Developers Association of Australia was quoted last year saying “The Australian games industry, which arguably has a higher ROI, comparing the number of participants, now receives absolutely no support from the federal government.” He was referring to the federal government’s axing of the Interactive Games Fund that occurred last year. With these developments, there’s no hope that casino online developers will have any luck with the federal government of Australia either.
Big World was founded in 1985; it was named Micro Forte back then. Its evolution to BigWorld didn’t happen until 2002; after 8 years spent developing Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) technology that gave players the ability to play online together regardless of where they were located on the planet.
Things got tough for this Australian based company after their first major project, Citizen Zero, was axed by Microsoft. Thankfully, the same technology, when built for the Xbox, became very successful in China. This success led to a meeting with, at the time, a small European publisher named Wargaming in 2010.This meeting was held to discuss the creation of a crazy online tanks game that many weren’t sure would be successful. However, within months of its release, the World of Tanks had gained millions of subscriptions.
The initial success of World of Tanks lead to an increase in revenue for Wargaming that topped 200 million pounds one year. The company’s growth exploded and, pretty soon, they acquired BigWorld Studio. This purchased allowed the Sydney studio to triple in size.

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