Published On: Tue, Jan 15th, 2019

Online Poker Gaming Platform: Client Software

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Poker is one of the most popular games of the gambling world that millions of people turn to at least once in their lifetime. Some are interested in trying their luck and intuition; others hope to earn money, and then there are those who are simply curious as to what the fuss is about. Daily, more and more online poker platforms appear with the help of software developers. What features do they have?

Poker platform is represented by different games and techniques. From the more technical perspective, there are various types of poker client — you can see one of the best examples here EvenBet software developer is among the trustworthy and experienced companies offering to help their clients in launching the poker platform of their dreams. So, what in particular does the poker platform offer and what types of client software are the most popular?


Online  Gaming PlatformOnline  Gaming Platform

Poker Platform

Online poker platform provides both its owners and visitors with all necessary features to facilitate their and enhance their experience with it. It includes all popular poker games by default, such as Stud and Texas Hold’em, though it’s possible to add some specific games as per your request. A stable security system is also provided, with anti-fraud mechanisms and random number generator. The latter ensures that all winning numbers are truly picked randomly, with no possibility of deception.

The majority of online poker platforms also offer poker tournaments and prizes to the players. The clients can pay in different ways as many payment systems are provided. The same applies to languages, and the more developed the provider is, the bigger the number of languages it will ensure.

Client Software

Each developer offers their own type of client software. EvenBet, for example, focuses on 3 most common options:

·         Desktop client;

·         Mobile application;

·         Web client.

The desktop client is the best fit for poker games where cryptocurrency and real money are involved. It’s the most popular and long-term type of software that the majority of clients prefer. The reason for this lies in the fact that desktop client presupposes automatic upgrades, access to all available poker games on the platform, customised interface, and many other useful features.

A mobile application is also a widely popular choice as many people are glued to their smartphones these days. The majority of software providers have an HTML 5 and their native application clients. The former is a universal type that is compatible with the majority of devices and is a good option for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money and who just have fun playing poker occasionally.

Web client means that it’s not necessary to download any application. There is audio and video support and people can play right from their browsers. It might be slightly less functional, though.

Online poker platform is a popular business idea. Software developers can provide you with desktop, mobile, and/or web clients, which will allow your platform to operate flawlessly. The variety of options will serve to attract more customers.  

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