Published On: Tue, Dec 5th, 2017

Parental Controls: 5 Reasons You Should Protect Your Children

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If you’re a parent today, you’re raising your children in an atmosphere where technology has reached new heights. Although popular for teens and young adults, toddlers are also becoming acclimated to using tablets and smartphones at an early age. Whether you’re at grade level, high school, college or graduate, schools have also implemented the latest technological advances into their curriculum. Although these updated methods are instrumental at communicating and researching information, it has also opened up a dangerous opportunity for them. The following are critical reasons for using parental controls.

Parental Controls 5 Reasons You Should Protect Your Children

Managing Time

Surfing the Internet can be addictive, especially when you find unique apps that help organize your medical records. If you’re a child, it may open a whole new world to you. Although you may allow your child to sign on to check emails or research a project for homework, it’s easy for them to get lost on the devices. But too much time on the Internet is bad for children as it makes them socially awkward. In the past, children used to spend time playing outdoors with friends or talking on the phone. Today’s kids are getting more and more detached from communicating. They are also becoming mentally awkward in in their physical surroundings. Excessive time spent browsing the Internet can also contribute to your child’s poor posture and inability to sleep at night. People who stare at the computer for long periods of time also have poor eyesight. You can enforce strict computer limits and boundaries to promote a healthier lifestyle. You may also want to designate times and areas where all technology is off limits. Take this time to bond with your child by getting outdoors to play or go for a walk and chat.

Cyber Security

As a parent, you probably have more on your mind than keeping your online data safe. You’re probably also weighing the advantages and disadvantages of allowing your kids their Internet freedom. Unfortunately, cybercrime is big business today, and there are a number of organizations focused on exploiting the innocent. Since 2015, there were close to 7 million victims alone. If you’re a child, you’re even more vulnerable to the exploits of the criminals. While your child may have a hunger for discovering the offerings of cyberspace, you have to worry about them engaging in dangerous online behavior that could put them and others at risk. Parental control WiFi offers smart protection when you want to monitor your child’s Internet trail. It can also help block prohibited content and alleviate your risk of hacking.

Put Your Reputation at Risk

Children use social media to post pictures from a vacation or time spent with friends. Some may even post their whereabouts. Although many of the interactions are innocent, some of the posts can harm their reputation. Businesses and colleges use social media sites such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to research information about a person. If your behavior is deemed sketchy based on your posts, you may not get into a college. If you’ve applied for a job, your risky reputation could cost you your dream career. While you may think that deleting the information makes it go away, once posted on the Internet, it’s there forever. You can assist by looking at your child’s privacy and security settings. This allows you to gain control over those who can see your posts and those who can’t.

Back Up Important Information

Your child may rely on the Internet to do their homework. To ensure that they can refer to that information for future use, learn how to back up the data properly. Pick a reliable and safe place to store the information. Explain the reasons why storing and saving the documents are so important. Although there are free online programs available, the software could put your computer at risk for viruses and malware. If you’ve saved your information to a tablet or smartphone, the devices could get stolen, lost or damaged. Showing them how to properly back up their work on a reputable site can save everyone a lot of future headaches.

Proper Etiquette

The decision-making process is a skill that is learned with good parenting. If your child plans to be on the Internet, they are going to have to practice proper etiquette everywhere they go in cyberspace. Begin by helping them comprehend the value of their good behavior. Let them know sites that they are allowed to navigate and those that are off limits. If they abuse the Internet with abhorrent behavior such as through cyberbullying, hacking or passing on pornographic material, discuss the consequences for breaking the law. Laws today are pretty solid and even the most diligent of parents may not be able to assist them out of a dire situation.

This generation of children have become accustomed to today’s technological advances at an early age. Although they may want to explore the information open to them, regulating their activity with parental controls can help keep your child safe. It can also help foster healthy habits by limiting their usage.

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