Published On: Wed, Feb 27th, 2013

Politics- give the right justice for the truth.

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In Chennai has to resurging the suryanelli sex case today, so they  wait  decision in since in the year 1996.  The Manmohan Singh is the honest man and he has the ability to sit on the prime minister’s chair.  The 16 year girls raped by 42 men’s in 41 days in the month of January. Still now there are three police team has investing the same case for a long time and she was died, but still this case has running in the court. They are not giving the justice for the 42 men’s.  In some place, many people are creating problems on the road   to give the justice for the 16 year old girls.  The government has appointed special court to give the speedy justice to that person.  In the year 2000 on September, they have fast track session court give the 35 sentenced for the imprisonment.  There is  an another rap in the year 2005 and same age 16 year old girl   rape by the  men’s and she died , but the government has taken  no step still know for the rape. In order to stop this thing, you have to give the hardest justice for the person who is raping the girl. The Kerala state appeals in the high court of the justices for the 16 years old.  The government has to take many steps avoid such thing but still happening in many places  in India also, so you have to  give punishment for the person  who is  doing the illegal thing for the girls.

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