Published On: Sat, Jul 4th, 2015

Pregnancy Watch: Ensuring Healthy and Balanced Prenatal Care

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Knowing that you’re pregnant involves a lot of changes not only physically, but emotionally as well. You can avoid all the uncertainties and complications by following certain steps in order to have a problem-free pregnancy.

Give Importance to Early Prenatal Care

The moment you find out that you’re pregnant, schedule for a doctor’s visit immediately. Your first prenatal visit is important, so your doctor can check your current health condition and screen your wellbeing in order to avoid pregnancy complications. Observe good communication between your doctor and the OB so they can be both aware if you are currently taking medications and know of your medical background.

Be Careful of What You Eat

It is important for a mom-to-be to understand that she is currently eating for two. You may have to ingest an additional 300 calories every day, depending on your weight. Your protein needs will also have to increase and you must take enough calcium, in the form of food and supplements. Your calcium requirement stays the same, but it is important that you meet it every day in order to avoid complications during and after pregnancy.

Be Loyal to your Prenatal Vitamins and Supplements

Before pregnancy, a woman should maintain 400 micrograms of folic acid at least a month before conception. The moment you are pregnant, increase your intake to 600 micrograms. This will ensure that you will not risk your baby from neural tube defects, the most common of which is spina bifida. The first trimester is the crucial time to be taking folic acid.

Your iron intake should also increase. Your doctor will prescribe you with different kinds of prenatal supplements including iron which more significant content than your usual. Pregnant women will need more iron in the second and final trimesters.

Exercise Regularly and Get Enough Rest

Pregnancy exercises are a good way to add more endurance and strength especially in handling all the added weight. A good exercise program will also lower the risk of the following:

  • poor blood circulation
  • ease you with muscle pains and minor aches
  • help you in handling the labor pains
  • help you achieve your old body back after giving birth

Stay Clear from Bad Habits and Vices

Drinking alcoholic drinks while pregnant increases the chances of low-birth weight and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Women who have developed the habit of smoking must learn to quit; otherwise, the health of the baby is at stake. If you have a hard time quitting smoking, ask your physician if he can refer you to a smoking cessation program for pregnant women.


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