Published On: Sun, Mar 1st, 2015

Proven effective online casino gambling strategies for winning more often

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There are a huge number of bitcoin gambling websites, that are available across the internet. But the problem is that most of the people are yet to be strategically sound before going for a game. Many intelligent people are observed to fail in gambling, consoling themselves for their bad luck; but apart from luck, there is a whole bunch of strategic loopholes that cause these series of defeats, ultimately breaking one’s morale or leading them to find despair as their only refuse. So here are some tips to arm yourselves with, before you enter the virtual platform of online gambling:

  1. Your limit is not the sky, but your pocket

Decide on your spending limit. Money management is a subject that can really exhaust you over the time and many participants are likely to lose their track of their investment within few hours in a casino event. Take risks that you can afford. It’ll make you more comfortable while keeping you more focused while making a move, otherwise you’ll be too panicky to take the right decision on spot even when you know it. If you win, that’s awesome; but even if you lose after all these efforts, don’t feel disheartened about it, and if you still feel nervous, then it’s better to take a break from casino for a while.

Time limit is another important issue. Many people tend to get addicted to playing (either being overambitious or getting intolerably desperate), forgetting everything in the world other than gambling. But to be a consistent performer you are to be economic about time, because these days, time costs much!


  1. Don’t be fooled, for not knowing the rules

Most of the people take this thing very lightly and think of gradually coming to know the rules by playing it for longer (like any other games). But the risk compared, is much higher than any other sports; and for this reason only, the rules should be learned by heart before appearing on the actual battlefield. So if you don’t know or are currently out of touch from playing blackjack, why not go through the rules once more before putting your cash to risk? If you are not going to bet on a game of chess with Viswanathan Anand, then why do gamble over a situation that is not even clear before you? And, your probabilities of beating him are quite the same as winning at a casino game that you’ve never played and are least aware of, and while reading about Anand won’t help you much in beating him, learning the rules of a new game can come as a real help to you!

Once you are aware of all the pros and consregarding a new game, keep in mind that the most important bet (like the pass line at craps, ante bet at Three Card Poker, banker bet at baccarat) should have the smallest house edge. The bonus bets, are the hidden assassins. Most bonus bets are five-times a house edge. For example, the pass line bet at craps provides a house edge of a 1.44 percent, on the other hand betting at eleven often has a house edge of 11.11 percent (at times it shoots up to even 16.6 percent).


  1. Don’t let the Taxmen fox you

Taxes can be imposed against your wins on many occasions, including the US, but rule is not to let the Taxman frighten you. Major wins, like a win on a Keno jackpot for $100,000 will get you tensed a bit for certain, but don’t let a $5,000 online poker win perplex you. If you are provided with your player’s club card, the casino will keep an account of all your wins and losses throughout the year. Even if it doesn’t, the official revenue services office is also there to accept a record-book of all your wins and losses (along with the place, time and amount of them) at legal gaming platforms that can also supplement the big win you are burdened with.

Going the other way round, if you are really lucky (or unlucky?) enough to have hit a really big jackpot and also have a tremendous session throughout the year, plan and transfer some of this big win to pay the Piper on April 15th of the coming year.


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