Published On: Fri, Mar 15th, 2019

Rebel BJP lawmaker Shatrughan Sinha calls for change in leadership

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Less than a month is left for the start of upcoming Lok Sabha elections and amid such the disgruntled BJP lawmaker Shatrughan Sinha called for the change in leadership before the government changes targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The actor-turned-politician tweeted Friday, “Don’t you think it’s high time and the right time, before the government changes, that a new, better leadership takes over. And you should come out with all your black, white and grey sides?”

Also commonly called as Shotgun, the rebel BJP lawmaker asked Modi why in the last week/month of his term he announced 150 projects in Uttar Pradesh, Benaras and other parts of the country.

He added that such announcement is not against the code of conduct, but itn is too late and too little jumlas.

Accusing not to have addressed a single press conference in his five years as prime minister the politician urged Modi to have a press conference with free and fair session which should not be choreographed, rehearsed or researched.

Rebel BJP lawmaker Shatrughan Sinha calls for change in leadership

Sinha tweeted further, “You shall go down in history as the only PM in a democratic world who has not held a single question and answer session during his tenure.”

Sinha is currently serving his second consecutive term as MP from Patna Sahib and he also had earlier served as a minister in Atal Bihari Vajpayee government.

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