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Rules for ensuring fire safety in offices

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At first glance, the office is quite a safe place. It is not a factory where sparks from welding and splashes of hot metal are flying, not an industrial warehouse with explosive materials, not a chemical laboratory with spontaneously combustible substances. However, the most common items, without which it is impossible to imagine the average office – computers, electric kettles, microwaves, ashtrays, sockets and extension cords – can also become sources of danger. That’s why it is necessary to follow the rules of fire safety. The regular inspection of fire extinguishers, as well as correctly designed evacuation plans in the office – in case of fire will help to avoid material damage and human casualties. Small offices are usually equipped with elementary fire safety equipment such as powder fire extinguishers of small volume. Today, high-tech fire-extinguishing systems detect fires, warn people of danger and automatically start quenching. In large companies with a large number of employees, in addition to fire extinguishers, the office must be equipped with a fire alarm system. The evacuation plan for a fire should be in a visible place and be clear and understandable. The modern market offers a wide range of fire equipment and specialized facilities that will help to cope with fire in emergency situations.

Rules for ensuring fire safety in offices

When providing fire safety in the office it is extremely important to contact the company with an impeccable reputation and experience that can offer:

• services of initial inspection of the object of protection, design, installation and commissioning of fire fighting systems, fire and evacuation warnings;
• services for development of internal regulatory documents;
• warranty and post-warranty maintenance of technical equipment;
• a wide range of exclusively certified fire fighting equipment, for example fire extinguisher in Toronto.

Fire safety standards in office premises

When providing fire safety in the office, several important criteria should be followed. First of all, it is necessary to determine which class of fire danger the room belongs to.

• increased explosive and fire hazard;
• explosive and fire hazard;
• moderate fire hazard;
• reduced fire hazard.
The category of the premises is determined by checking each of the premises in the building and is calculated using tables and formulas. Offices mainly belong to the category ” explosive and fire hazard “, because they contain combustible materials and substances that can only burn without forming explosive mixtures.

In addition to the category of premises, fire safety measures in the office are also influenced by such factors as:

• location of the office in the building and its area;
• the number of employees;
• availability of warehouses and production facilities located in close proximity to the office;
• number of electrical appliances.

Based on the received data, the key requirements for the organization of a fire safety system are formed. The basic requirements for almost all office premises are as follows:

• availability of instructions on fire safety measures and an evacuation plan in case of fire;
• availability of fire extinguishing systems;
• availability of a fire alarm system (for large organizations);
• presence of organized evacuation routes.
• fully equipped fire cabinet

Usually this is enough to ensure the safety of employees in the event of a fire.

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