Published On: Thu, Nov 14th, 2013

Sachin Tendulkar’s 200th Test Live Score: R Ashwin removes Darren Bravo

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Sachin Tendulkar’s 200th Test Live Score: R Ashwin removes Darren Bravo

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Kumar’s 12th and innings 26th over results in just a single. Off the sixth delivery of the next over, by Ashwin, Powell scores his fourth boundary to deep midwicket region. Six runs came from the over. Dhoni brings Shami back for a second spell. In fact, it will be the last over before lunch. It’s a maiden.


Ashwin gave some air to his third delivery of the 21st over and Bravo drove it ending up getting an outside edge that went past slip to third man region for a four. Five runs came from the over. Bravo got an inside edge off the sixth delivery of the 22nd over, bowled by Bhuvi, and it went to fine leg fence for a four. Powell began the next over by Ashwin brightly by lofting the first delivery over long-on boundary for a maximum. Seven runs came from it. The next resulted in just a single. OUT! Bravo has used all his lives today as he finally is caught by wicketkeeper Dhoni after getting an outside edge off the fourth delviery of the 25th over. He becomes Ashwin’s first victim of the morning after being undone by turn and bounce. He scored 29 (63b, 4X5, 6X1). Marlon Samuels is the new man in the middle.


The 16th, by Kumar and 17th, by Ashwin resulted in one run each. Dropped! And Ashwin drops a sitter at first slip in the 18th over! A good length delivery that was moving away from Bravo as he got an outside edge flying comfortably to Ashwin at slips. He wrongly judges the height and grasses it. Bravo chooses to not offer any shot off the fourth and fifth delivery and on both occasions gets hit on the pad. Both invited loud shouts of lbw but umpire turned them down. Bravo opens up in the 19th over and strikes a six and a four off consecutive deliveries from Ashwin. The six was deposited over covers while the boundary came through point region. 11 runs came from it. Powell helped the drifting delivery from Kumar in the 20th over to fine leg for an easy boundary. Four runs came in it.


The 11th over, bowled by Bhuvneshwar resulted in only two leg byes. The fourth delivery of the next by Shami is pitched on good length, Bravo comes on front foot and drives it elegantly through covers for a boundary. Five runs from the over. Dhoni introduces spin in R Ashwin in the 13th over and Powell manages to score a single in it. The 14th results in a single and umpires call for drinks break. Aswhin continues after the brief interval and allows just one in his second over.


Darren Bravo is the new man in the middle. Bhuvi comes round the wicket to Powell in the seventh over. Just a couple off the fifth delivery from the over. Shami continues and facing him is Bravo. And a cold welcome follows as Shami forces the southpaw to duck after pitching the first short. Bravo gets off the mark with a flick to long on boundary for his first four. Just four from the over. The ninth, by Bhuvi, is a maiden. Powell flicks the penultimate delivery of the 10th over, by Shami, to deep midwicket region for his second four. Five runs from it.


OUT! India have an early wicket in dangerman Chris Gayle. Shami gives them their first wicket of the match as Gayle tentatively pushes a length delivery to Rohit Sharma at point pouching it safely. Gayle scored 11 (17b, 4X1). Three runs and a wicket from the over.


Bhuvi continues. His third delivery is full and Powell drives it through mid off for the first boundary of the match. That is the only scoring shot he can manage off Bhuvi’s six deliveries. Gayle chooses Shami’s third delivery of the fourth over to score his first boundary through extra cover. A single off the penultimate delivery follows. There was an lbw shout off the first delivery of the over though. However, it was turned down as the ball contacted the edge of Gayle’s bat before hitting the pad. The fifth over also began with a loud shout for lbw against Gayle but the ball hit him high on the pad. 4 leg byes followed. Eight runs from the over.


Bhuvneshwar Kumar has the new ball. Facing him is Chris Gayle who is playing his 99th Test today. An inswinger to start with and what do you know! The ball is collected by Tendulkar at midwicket as Gayle flicks. He gets off the mark with a single. Now on strike is Powell. He plays his first through square region and gets off the mark with a couple. The next three result in no runs. Three runs from the first over. Mohd Shami to share the new ball. And the youngster is bang on the target. A full delivery that moves away from Gayle as he gets beaten. Gayle gets to the other end with a single off the second to point. Powell scamper for a single off the penultimate delivery while Gayle leaves the sixth safely for the keeper.

Team India, led by their skipper MS Dhoni is in the field. A countdown on the big screen has begun before Sachin Tendulkar enters the park. A team huddle follows as the master finally makes appearance. This is an emotional moment for the team, the fans and cricket lovers in general. Dhoni asks Tendulkar to lead the team after a brief pep up talk. The crowd roars in approval. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 and the big screen flashes SRT 200! Tendulkar puts on his shades. West Indies openers Chris Gayle and Kieran Powell are in the middle. A moment of a lifetime this!

TOSS: India have won the toss and opted to field first. A special coin to mark the occasion of Sachin Tendulkar playing his 200th Test was used for the toss presented to match referee Andy Pycroft by BCCI president N Srinivasan.

This is it!

Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seat belts. Gather friends, family members, office mates and neighbours because the greatest batsman of our generation is set to begin the final lap of his glittering career. Today marks the beginning of Sachin Tendulkar’s 200th and final Test match for India. Such is the importance of the occasion that the real contest between bat and ball between India and West Indies has been effectively and swiftly pushed to the background.

At Wankhede stadium, for the next five days, a full house Mumbai crowd will greet its greatest son who over the past 24 years has hypnotised cricket fans over the globe with his breathtaking batsmanship. When a cherubic faced Tendulkar made his debut in international cricket, he was already considered a prodigy.

However, few would have predicted that this batsman will become such a colossus of the gentleman’s game.

Stay with us as we bring you all the live updates from Tendulkar’s final game for India.

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