Published On: Fri, Dec 26th, 2014

Safeway Stores Pulls Prepackaged Caramel Apples From Its Shelves

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Caramel apples were a huge hit in Safeway. Now, the grocery chain has pulled of the prepackaged caramel apples from its shelf following the information that a patient died from a Listeria infection that is associated with the fruit. A person Shirlee Jean Frey died on December 2nd due to Listeria infection at the age of 81 years and she was reported to be ill after consuming several caramel apples that she bought from the Safeway grocery supermarket in Felton last October. There has been a suit file against the grocery chain in Santa Cruz County Superior Court.

Safeway Stores Pulls Prepackaged Caramel Apples From Its Shelves

Safeway had to remove the repackaged caramel apples from their shelves as soon as the company was sued. The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention said that the 81 year old woman was taken ill and was also found to contain the same strains of Listeria that is found in the apples that infected another 28 people from nine other states.

Five of those people have also died due to the Listeria strains. But, the CDC has confirmed that only three out of the five deaths are linked to Listeria. The cause of death in one case is not known as of yet and the other death is believed to be due to some infection.

An email from Safeway’s vice president for public affairs, Brian Dowling, has confirmed that the Safeway stores have pulled the apples from sales in their stores. He said that the caramel apples were supplied to the chain by some third party and the company is taking a deeper look into the situation.

Brian said that Safeway was not in a position to discuss about the lawsuit filed by Frey’s family members. They did not have any such problems before from this product and this issue has caught the grocery chain unawares.

Frey is survived by her 87 year old husband and two sons and their attorney has said that health investigators have taken away the remaining caramel apples from the family’s home. The thought of an apple accounting for the death of a person is yet to sink in on the family and they are still in a state of shock, was what their lawyer Bill Marler had to say.

The health officials are also taking a closer look into this matter and have advised anyone having commercially produced and prepackaged caramel apples in their home to throw them away immediately. Listeria is a food borne disease and can cause serious illness in healthy people and can be treated with antibiotics.

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