Published On: Fri, Nov 14th, 2014

Samsung Goes For Curved Smartphone to Stay Clear of Flat Screen Crowd

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Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd is the leading Smartphone seller in the world. But, with the increasing number of competitors in the Smartphone flat screen world, Samsung is looking to carve a niche for themselves by coming out with curved Smartphones. Their high end Smartphone devices will now feature with curved screens that are loaded with advanced technology that is quite difficult for the rivals to replicate and match.

File photo of a Samsung Galaxy Note Edge smartphone at the IFA consumer technology fair in Berlin

The South Korean electronic giant is looking to make high end devices like rigid curve Samsung Galaxy Edge stand out in the crowd of big, flat screen Smartphones. But, the main problem that they might face is to make these curved Smartphones cost-effective so that it finds a lot of buyers. Otherwise, people would prefer to go for another high end flat big screen Smartphones from other brands. The other problem that they need to address is to coax and cajole their developers to make applications tailor made for these curved Smartphones.

Samsung is also going to face one of its worst performances as far as annual profit is concerned in three years and the entry of Chinese mobile giants like Lenovo Group Ltd and Xiaomi Technology Co. have caused a huge dent in Samsung’s pocket. The fact that these Chinese companies offer full function touchscreen Smartphones at attractive discount prices is what is driving more buyers to buy their phones. The move by the mobile phone manufacturing industry to make larger screens collectively has made distinctive touch screen designs very tough to achieve.

Analysts feel that Samsung would be facing as much as one-third drop in the operating profits this year. Samsung is also coming out with a lot of mid tier Smartphone models to offset the cheaper Smartphone rival brands. But, high tech edge Smartphone has its own niche audience in the premium market and it will help the company to grow and attain a profit from $289 billion this year to $331 billion by 2018. The Note Edge is not the first phone to come out with a curved edge and it has been incorporated in the phone to give its users easy access to important apps and also customize their display message notifications. They can also stream headlines on the curved screen without upsetting the main flat screen.

The main challenge that lies ahead for Samsung is to make these curved Smartphones as a must have product and to convince buyers that they can do things easily and effectively on  a curved screen than on a flat screen.

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