Published On: Thu, Feb 16th, 2017

Save Time with These Top 5 Apps

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Time Saving Apps to Maximize Your Efficiency

maximize efficiency

Time is our most precious resource, and saving time is imperative to enhancing the efficiency of our lives. Fortunately, we have the available technology to help us save time on routine daily chores, thereby freeing up time for more important activities. There are many tasks that can be performed in a more effective way. We’ve all heard the expression ‘Time is Money’, and that’s the reason why everybody is scrambling to minimise the time spent on monotonous chores. With that said and done, let’s take a look at the top 5 time-saving apps that you can download to your iOS smartphone or tablet, or Android smartphone or tablet.

#1 Don’t call a cab – Call an Uber!

call an uber

Gone are the days where taxi companies dominated the private transportation ‘on demand’ industry. Enter the upstart global peer-to-peer service known as Uber. This is the most exciting evolution on the web and it is raking in the cash by the billion. Uber is the world’s most popular ride-sharing application and it has universal appeal. It is for all intents and purposes a taxi service, but it is a cashless transaction system. The way it works is that you download the application on your mobile smartphone or tablet and you’re literally good to go. Simply enter your credit card details, your destination and an available Uber driver will be there to collect you.

It’s that easy. There is no need for carrying cash around, and there’s no need to pay a middleman – the taxi company – exorbitant fees to get you from point A to point B. What’s great about Uber is that you don’t need to scrounge around in your pockets or your handbag for cash and coins. Everything is taken care of upfront and the driver will be there waiting for you on demand. The app is so successful that the company is valued at over $50 billion, more than Alipay (the payments service by Asian e-commerce giant Alibaba).

#2 Circa – Get News on the Double


Circa is all about saving time. This app allows you to easily follow the news that you care about. It makes it easy for you to stay informed and save time in the process. You don’t need to scour the global news networks for news that appeals to you. Circa does this instantly for your Android smartphone or tablet, or your iPhone. It provides concise coverage direct to your phone. You can follow stories that you are passionate about, and stay updated on stories as they develop. You don’t need to worry about utilising all sorts of different apps to stay abreast of global news. Circa brings the news direct to your screen.

#3 FlyCleaners Does Your Dirty Work for You in a Jiffy

fly cleaners

Nobody wants to spend time doing dirty laundry, and that’s where FlyCleaners comes into the picture. This novel app will free up time in your schedule by doing your laundry for you. As soon as you’ve downloaded the app, you simply click on it for a pickup time and your laundry will be collected from your apartment or house for same-day cleaning. This is a novel service that is generating tremendous excitement among users.

#4 Aces High, Pocket Rockets and Fast-Fold Action – Get Snap Poker on the Fly


Playing poker is more than just a game to many people. When you’ve got the urge to rack’em and stack’em, there is no greater app than the Snap Poker app from 888poker. This is fast-fold poker like you’ve never seen it before. You don’t need to wait for the dealer to clear the deck, shuffle the cards, and deal the next hand.
As soon as you fold, a new hand is waiting for you. SNAP poker reduces the wait time between hands, and rounds and you can play many more poker hands in a fraction of the time. The rules of play are identical to those in regular Texas Holdem. As soon as you fold your hand, a new set of cards is dealt within seconds. This is the hottest new mobile poker game, and you will save lots of time.

#5 IFTTT – If This Then That? This App Drops it Like It’s Hot!


This is a tough one to pronounce, but it’s plenty useful. This time-saving app allows you do upload all your photographs direct to Dropbox. But you don’t need to do it manually – it does it for you. Consider this your multipurpose service for streamlining all of your online activities. By reducing your time spent on social media activities, you can immerse yourself in other chores. IFTTT is definitely worth checking out and it’s available on Android and iOS devices.

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