Published On: Tue, Mar 3rd, 2020

Saving Big Money on Las Vegas Vacations

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Great deals on transportation, food, lodging and entertainment in Las Vegas are available if travelers are able to be flexible in timing their trips. But even those on inflexible schedules can save money if they know where to look.

Saving Big Money on Las Vegas Vacations

Pre-Trip Planning is Biggest Money Saver

Las Vegas prices for hotel rooms vary widely with demand. When there’s a huge convention or trade show in town, rates skyrocket. They’re also at their highest on popular holidays such as New Years Eve, other popular holidays and when special events such as the National Finals Rodeo take place.

Seasonally, however, there are stretches of time when rooms go for a fraction of these prices. Recession, with its decrease in the city’s tourist count, has played its part in causing lower rates as well..

Airline Ticket and Car Rental Pricess

Air fares and car rental fees also go up and down. Fares on flights from most parts of the U. S. can fluctuate widely. Take the case of Southwest Airlines, with its flights from approximately 70 U. S. Cities to Las Vegas every day. Cost of the airline’s “Wanna Get Away” (the cheapest category) tickets from Chicago for a four-day trip, purchased two weeks in advance can vary by as much as $300, depending on the days and flight times. Prices of tickets purchased farther in advance (one to two months) are generally far less expensive.

People who are able to get away on the spur of the moment, may sometimes be able to find real bargain fares and rates. This is especially true in the case of car rentals, when a company finds itself with an over supply of automobiles.

Newsletter, Newspaper Subscriptions Pay Off

Subscribing to the city’s leading newspaper, The Review Journal, for a month in advance of a Las Vegas trip, can more than pay for itself, both as an aid in planning a gratifying itinerary and money-saving coupons not found at other sources. These coupons – aimed primarily at locals – often can be used by non-residents as well.

A great money saver for frequent Las Vegas visitors is The Las Vegas Advisor, a monthly newsletter that costs $50 a year. Not only does the 12–page Advisor include news and reviews of casinos, restaurants and current deals. Each year, subscriber also receives a Member Rewards book, which includes well over 100 coupons for discounts on shows, two-for-one or discounted buffets and rooms, car rental discount, a variety of gaming coupons, and miscellaneous other offers.

Coupon Clipping Before Arrival Pays Dividends

Savvy travelers start clipping discount coupons the moment they fasten their seat belts and open their airline in-flight magazines. Whatever the airline, its magazine is sure to carry at least a dozen adds which contain coupons – 20 percent off or two-for-one meals during certain hours, for free fun books containing coupons for discounts on everything from ice cream cones to entertainments, for free popcorn, bargain shrimp cocktails

Free Entertainment Magazines, Brochures Contain Savings

Racks at car rental terminals, hotels and the visitor centers at various locations around Las Vegas (as well as at border towns like Primm and Jean) contain a variety of free weekly, bi-weekly and monthly magazines as well as brochures advertising Las Vegas attractions. The magazines, with names like Where, What’s On and Today, are free and contain discount coupons as well as information on what’s happening in the city during the time period the publication covers.

Taking Advantage of Players Club Percs

It’s true that gambling is not a money saver. But people who do most of their gamblingat one casino and join its players club have an economic advantage over those who spread their money around. Regardless of whether they win or lose, club players who insert their cards receive points for every dollar that goes through the machines they play. When sufficient points are earned, they translate into complimentary meals and other items.

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