Published On: Mon, Aug 25th, 2014

Sharp Launches Android Phone with Minimalist Design

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In today’s world, smartphone has become one of people’s primary needs in life. There are not few people out there who count heavily on their sophisticated mobile phone device. Although it is true that there are a massive number of smartphones available out there, with various features and operating systems, the ones that run the Android OS from Google have proven to have a way better success when compared to other smartphone devices. Taking that into consideration, it is only natural for tech companies in the world to gain profits in the lucrative smartphone market. Sharp is one proper example of these tech companies. Based in Japan, the company has now launched its latest mobile phone device that also runs the Android OS. The Japanese tech vendor is calling its phone the Sharp Aquos Crystal.


When compared to most other Android smartphones currently existing out there, this offering from Sharp has some rather interesting differences. To begin with, it comes with nearly no bezels at all. Sharp has designed the phone in such a way that its display covers the left, the top and the right side of the phone. So, the area left for the bezel is only the bottom part of the device. Looking at such a design, people should be able to tell that this is a pretty minimalistic phone. The phone is even very slim, with its thickness coming in at just a little less than 1 inch, 0.39 inches to be precise. Thanks to such a slim body, most people will find the phone a convenient one to handle, even while using it for a one-handed operation.


Of course, besides the design of a tech device or a gadget, another key element is the hardware specification that the device has to offer. Now, in the case of the Sharp Aquos Crystal, this newest Android smartphone from Sharp offers a quad-core CPU from Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 400. Sharp has decided to let the processor run at a clock speed measuring 1.2 GHz. Well, it may not be too big compared to the CPU offered by other Android smartphones out there. Yet, it should be enough for daily use of the phone unless, of course, its users are trying to run heavily demanding apps or games on it.


To help the CPU perform faster and smoother, Sharp has also decided to put the CPU in conjunction with RAM capacity of 1.5 GB. And for those who are wondering just how much data they can save on the device, this minimalist Android phone from Japan comes with 8GB internal storage capacity. It is, however, not known yet if the device will even support the use of microSD cards at all. Honestly speaking, 8 GB of space is nothing much these days, particularly if people shoot a lot of photos and videos.


Now, moving on to the other aspects of the device, such as the display, the device is equipped with a display that measures 5 inches in diagonal. Unfortunately, Sharp is only giving the display a resolution of 720 pixels maximum. Just for information, other Android smartphones at the same class out there are already offering a full HD resolution, 1080 pixels.


Well, this Android smartphone from Sharp may not excel in display resolution, but it does excel in terms of sound quality. The Aquos Crystal comes with Clari-Fi audio technology and Harman Kardon speaker system. Thanks to these technologies, the Sharp Aquos Crystal is equipped with the ability to put back together the details of sounds that are often lost during a compression process. One more thing, users of this smartphone from Sharp can also enjoy their music even more by connecting it to the ONYX Studio speakers from Harman Kardon using the Bluetooth connectivity module.


In terms of the juice it has, the Sharp Aquos Crystal comes with a 2,040mAh battery. For the OS version, the device is running the Android 4.4.2, or the Android KitKat OS.


Last but not least, Sharp is also said to be working on another Aquos smartphone lineup. Yet, this time, the device will be even more advanced than the already launched Aquos Crystal. The upcoming Aquos smartphone will run at a faster speed thanks to the use of a faster processor, it will have a bigger internal storage capacity – up to 32 GB, and also a bigger battery. However, the launch date of this more advanced Sharp Aquos model remains a mystery. So, for all those who can’t wait to get their hands on an Android phone from the Japanese company, they are stuck with the Sharp Aquos Crystal for now.

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