Published On: Fri, Mar 6th, 2020

Shielding Lotion: An Effective Eczema Treatment

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Shielding lotion works in a completely different way to traditional moisturisers, which are limited, as they only add an artificial moisturising layer to the skin, need constant reapplication and actually impede the natural ability of the skin to moisturise itself from within. Shielding lotion, on the other hand, combines moisturisers with a light silicone ingredient that bonds with the outer layer of skin to form a barrier. This barrier serves a dual function: to keep allergens and irritants out and to keep moisture in.

Shielding Lotion: An Effective Eczema Treatment

Practical Uses for Shielding Lotion

Shielding lotion is useful for people who come into contact with irritants and chemicals in the course of their everyday routine. Of course, the lotion is not a substitute for rubber gloves and conventional protective clothing, but it has been proven to form a barrier to prevent substances from causing irritation, whilst at the same time, allowing the skin to breathe.

For people with very sensitive skin, who find it difficult to wear cosmetics, a layer of shielding lotion on the face can prevent cosmetic products from causing irritation. Because of the way that the lotion works, it cannot be washed off with soap and the protective layer remains on the skin for several hours. The lotion is also lighter and more easily absorbed than thick creams and ointments, making it a practical product to use, as it does not rub off on clothing, causing greasy marks.

People who have very dry skin can find that shielding lotion is a very effective moisturiser, as it allows the skin to retain moisture better than conventional creams and encourages the skin to utilise natural oils in the deep skin layers in order to heal itself.

A Compromised Skin Barrier Can Cause Eczema

A study, published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology found that a compromised skin barrier was a major cause of eczema, which was in contrast to the previous view that eczema was caused by raised levels of allergic antibodies. The conclusion of the study was, that in order to treat eczema effectively, the protective skin barrier must be restored.

It was found that when shielding lotions were used, the protective properties of outer layer of skin were incresed by more than 50% within one hour of application. Dr Lisa Benest, a board certified Dermatologist in Burbank California stated that: “Shielding lotions can significantly restore the skin’s natural barrier and thus make it less susceptible to environmental irritants and eczema flares”

This new innovation provides hope to the many people worldwide who suffer from eczema.

Examples of shielding lotions are products such as Skin MD Natural, Gloves in a Bottle and Dermashield Mousse.

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