Published On: Fri, Jul 8th, 2016

Small Businesses Can Save Money With Website Builders

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Website builders are dramatically empowering small businesses and startups by providing them an easy, affordable, and comprehensive way to build a solid presence online. And it’s an upward-trending phenomenon which first started with websites like Etsy and Society6, which provided easy vehicles for creatives to market and sell their wares. And many now-famed Etsy superstars have been commissioned by major retailers like West Elm thanks purely to the fact that an online presence allowed them to gain a loyal following of consumers.

Even today, dedicated website design is often quite expensive, and is a lengthy process which can take weeks… or months. Website builders have reduced those financial and time costs so much that new businesses and startups can usually get online within 24 hours, and sometimes for free! When you consider that custom web design can cost as much as thousands of dollars, those savings are nothing to sneer at.

Small Businesses Can Save Money With Website Builders

And most small businesses and startups don’t need a lot of custom-coding. Usually, they’re offering a few pages of information on the business and its services or products… an ecommerce vehicle for purchasing, and a newsletter sign-up form. Beefy custom-coded features are nice, sure; but most small businesses and startups don’t have the deep pockets to worry about custom website features. For they just need boilerplate options which look good.

And website builders are helping them achieve that without the use of developers. After all, why pay someone’s hourly fee when you can get a similar quality product for a fraction of the price? It’s not uncommon these days to be able to find a free website builder which gives a basic product away, and only charges for additional modules.

And even when a small business or startup does need some stronger features, such as ecommerce options which can track physical inventory or advertise flash sales, or even do social media marketing, many website builders have begun making them available. So, we decided to make a thorough breakdown of the things which small businesses and startups can get for cheap or free using a website builder which they often need to pay for from other sources.

Secure Payment Gateways. Did you know that in the US, it’s a law that any ecommerce vendor needs to secure their payment gateways using HTTPS? Most online retailers don’t. But manually installing HTTPS capabilities can be a hassle, or cost an extra fee with a developer. With many website builders, secure gateway options are offered at no additional cost, or at nominal fees.

Shopping Carts. If you need a shopping cart, most website builders allow you to use one for cheap or free. Most shopping carts just charge a percentage of sales, and are so easy to install that it takes the click of a button. Even better, as the business owner, you can select the different options you want on all of your products. This can cost hundreds of dollars from a developer; sometimes thousands.

Business Emails. This is something usually packaged separately from a website build that you’d need to pay extra for with a developer. And often they’re difficult to set up, and don’t plug in well with tools like gmail or outlook. When you use a website builder, the website builder takes care of all those issues, and often has an easy way to integrate your business email with your current email.

Reaching Potential Customers. Let’s fact it, just having a website isn’t enough to get business. You need to be able to get that website in front of people. Can your developer help with that? It’s possible. But when you work with a website builder, they hold your hand through the process, usually offering marketing plans for your website and lots of comprehensive guides on marketing.

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