Published On: Sat, Feb 2nd, 2019

Smart home meets smart security

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So you’ve decided to turn your house into a smart home. What difference will it make to the security measures already in place? What are the benefits? You might just get more than you bargained for.

Smart home meets smart security

Home Sweet Home

You want to protect what is dear to you. You’ll be much more at ease once you know your family, possessions and livelihood enjoy the security they deserve. But what measures do smart security systems offer?

The Rundown

Before you read on, just have a look at the basics regarding smart home setups.

Stay Connected

It requires dependable internet access. Your devices can’t interconnect optimally without a dependable Wi-Fi connection. Some devices will be able to connect via Bluetooth but it will limit the communication capabilities of your devices.


Make sure all your devices are able to understand each other. You may need to get a 3rd party platform like Nest, Google Homes, Amazon’s Alexa or Siri to facilitate the process of communication between your different products.
One House Under CCTV

Most security setups have CCTV added into the value proposition. But there is a whole new world that opens up when you connect to your smart home. Good camera quality ensures you have clear picture quality in almost every weather condition. Some cameras may even be manoeuvred on a fixed axis for a wider view. Some cameras are equipped with night vision capability.

If not, don’t worry about a lack of night vision settings. You can always add flood lights to your smart home setup. Just choose when they go on! For example, during emergencies or triggering because of break-ins.

Good lighting will help most cameras to do a good job. CCTV feed will be available on your connected devices. You can also access your camera footage anywhere in the world. Just make sure the internet connection is sufficient.

CCTV Footage Storage

You might want to look into footage storage capability. There are CCTV products that don’t store footage at all. Make sure to know what type of system you purchase. Some devices store imaging locally on memory cards. This is generally a cheaper solution, but you run the risk of running out of storage. Worse, your data may be destroyed in accidents.

If this concerns you, please consider checking into devices that store footage on cloud-based technology. It often has a monthly subscription fee to keep the service live. But, you’ll have the security of backups stored online.

Open Says-a-me

Are you tired of fiddling with a bunch of keys? You don’t have to feel like a prison warden anymore. Smart locks are an option to add onto a smart home. Smart locks will operate with many different mechanisms to grant entry. From biometric scanners, to keycard readers or even radio controlled locks. You can customize your experience to suit your needs.

Hook It Up

Make sure the smart locks are compatible with the smart home platform you run. Then add it onto the setup and start using it to save you time and effort. Check to see if you can create synergy amongst your smart devices. Alarm systems and smart locks operate in unison in whatever situation.

Access Granted

Smart locks have features available to grant access to specific people for specific times. You might own a place far from your hometown which you rent out to tourists. This causes unnecessary strain to ensure the safeguarding of keys.

Simply install a smart lock system that operates with key codes that expire as soon as the client’s stay ends. This will eliminate any clients overstaying their welcome. Keys won’t get lost anymore. You don’t even have to receive them at the venue. Simply send them their access codes.

Smart Sensors

Alarm systems operate by using sensors. Motion detectors, flood detectors and smoke detectors are the most common ones. But thanks to smart homes, you are now able to track, monitor, and control it without being at your house. Once again, first ensure your alarm system is compatible with the rest of your smart home setup before just sealing the deal.

Mix It Up

The beauty of a smart home is in its versatility. There are many ways in which it benefits you. It’ll save you time money and effort, but you need to know what its capabilities are to extract the maximum help available.

Security Aid

Connect your smart locks, alarm system, sensors and CCTV. Now your smart home can help protect you in ways you didn’t imagine before. All your doors will lock whenever intrusive behaviour is picked up by motion sensors placed outside of your house. Door locks will automatically unlock when a smoke detector triggers an alarm.

You are also able to receive goods at home without being at home. Open your smart lock through your app, grant the delivery personnel access and keep an eye on them via your smart CCTV. Add an intercom function and you’ll even be able to communicate with them.

A Hand Of Help

According to SafeAtLast, there are many other non-security devices that can be linked to your alarm system. Add it onto your smart security system and experience the benefits. Emergency shut-off valves can be placed on your water and gas supply. It’ll automatically close when smoke and flood detectors are triggered. This extra security feature can save you thousands of dollars in prevented accidents.

No More Counting Sheep

Program all your security devices to go into different modes depending on the time of day, or even according to your sleep patterns. When you sleep, your security system will be on high alert.

At Your Command

As a side note, devices won’t always know exactly what to do. You still need to supply a framework of commands from which it will operate. The future smart home will be designed to learn your routines. It adapts to your needs and reacts accordingly. Make sure your security systems understand your expectations when this is the smart home setup you start living with.

Smart Security Indeed

The benefits of having smart security are endless. It will save you time and money. It will keep you safe in ingenious ways. Security has come a long way from the old padlock. Apply it and let it work for you.

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