Published On: Sun, Jun 19th, 2016

Smoking Drops While Vaping is on the Rise

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It was during the‘20s when a new trend started off all around the world; a new fashion and an expression, a new form of self-belief that it makes one worthy and tough: smoking. Cigarettes have been in history for a long time along with its lifestyle expression, companionship, so-called coolness and obviously the deadly consequences. Even still, smoking has been present from a time far before the ‘20s but it was only then the act became a perpetual fashion statement in a global sense – some contend that smoking is just a relief to oneself; an act of personal pleasure while others believe it acts as a social lubricant. In that regard, smoking and all the social capitals attached to it has made the act wholesome and full of fatalities that, once hooked, you cannot walk away from. However,modern technology has given birth to a new act that is taking over cigarette smoking and bringing United States to an all time low of smokers in history – as reported by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Smoking Drops While Vaping is on the Rise

Today, the new trend isvaping. Vaporizer pen and e-cigarettes have apparently taken the coolness cake for smokers all around. CDC results show there has been drastic fall in cigarette consumption which has been replaced by Vapes. Today, there are more e-cigarettes sighted in public than the shiny white sticks – one form of smoking replacing the other. Ergo, the posing question, in dire need of an answer, reads quite like this: is this good news? And it is one that requires 5 minutes to comprehend. If you are set, here we go!

According to CDC, the trend is most prevalent among the youth of America, amounting to 11% of high school students smoking cigarettes. This is the least percentage in all history!Moreover, the diminishing demand of smoking has been identifiably caused by Vaping. CDC CEO Nancy Brown stated that –

“Vaping has become so prevalent among U.S. high school students that it’s graduated to ‘risky behavior’ status,” she said. “The fact that e-cigs and other electronic nicotine products have surged in popularity with such an impressionable age group is extremely alarming. All tobacco products are dangerous, and their ongoing use is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease.”

What we can conclude from the above statement is that less smoking is not good news for the world, especially for the youth, because the new trend holds massive potential to become a heavily addictive substance and habit. On the other hand, the laws for vaping are relatively less and under-implemented as opposed to cigarette smoking, which might be one of the major reasons for concern.

Center for Tobacco Control director Patricia Folan said that there can be several other reasons beside/supporting vaping that caused the fall of smoking; reasons such as – increased price of cigarettes, ban on cigarette advertisements;stronger anti-smoking campaigns and environmental anti-smoking activations. Further, there is one other factor about Vapes that has caused a surge of popularity among the youth; endless appealing flavors of liquid that are used in vaping are high in demand. Because vapes and e-cigarettes are different from cigarettes, they use liquid nicotine to form the smoke and these liquids come in a countless number of flavors such as bubblegum, donut, grape, mango etc. Moreover, there seems to be no end in the creation of brand new flavors everyday in the vaping markets. Nevertheless, these appealing and smell-friendly liquids contain nicotine, and this is why the teen generation is accepting poisonous nicotine way easier than cigarettes.

Moreover, studies have revealed that teen exposure to nicotine liquids carries great potential in leading them to cigarette smoking in adulthood. In other words, vape might be the gateway towards more than ever increased adult cigarette consumers. Regarding these dangerous facts, US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) revised an important rule that outreaches its authority over all tobacco products including vapes and e-cigarettes. The extended law is expected to bring control over sales of e-cigarettes to minors.

These results were found by CDC among other dropped activities in U.S youth which are prescription drug use without being prescribed (dropped to 17%) in 2015, percent of student getting into fights (dropped to 23% in 2015 as opposed to 43% back in 1991), percent of teens who drank soda (dropped to 20% in 2015 from 27% in 2013). Besides, sexually active teens and students have also dropped in percentage to a low of 30%.

According to the data and discussion above, we can somewhat conclude that technology has been changing our choices and lifestyles for at least the last two decades. One of the greatest examples of the phenomenon is Vaping being the new way of smoking, and that is still not cool.

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