Published On: Tue, Feb 3rd, 2015

Social Media Sites Fights over the Popularity of the Network after the Super Bowl

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Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc. released number of data and special maps and other methods such as animations, to claim the title of the most popular network among the Super Bowl spectators.

According to the claims made by Facebook on Monday, more than 65 million people used its service to comment about the match. The match that saw the New England Patriots edge the Seattle Seahawks 28-24 had more than 30% users hooked to the site, when compared to last year’s figures.  Facebook even created a new metric to calculate the number of people who joined the site during the intense moments of the game called “people per minute”.

Social Media Sites Fights over the Popularity of the Network after the Super Bowl

Though Twitter did not reveal the exact number of users during the match, it later reported that they had more than 28.4 million tweets related to the particular match.  The number of tweets last year during the match between the Seahawks and the Denver Broncos was only 24.9 million.

The battle of statistics by these social media sites shows the competition between these services to capture the biggest brands for advertising the big events, which involves a huge amount of money.

Linda Lagos, digital brand director of PepsiCo said that, earlier the company had to create an incredible commercial for the Super Bowl and now no campaign is complete without the involvement of social media. Cheerleaders and marching band were used by the interactive ad agency of Pepsi to energize the social media war.

When Katy Perry entered on a robot tiger for the half time show, which is sponsored by the Pepsi Company, the animated cartoon of a cat riding a lion was displayed.

Lagos did not make any comment about the social media platform preferred by Pepsi for the Super Bowl advertisement promotion. She said that the company considers itself as a winner as they were able to bag 94% positive comments on social media about Pepsi and the Super Bowl matches.

Twitter also had its share of real time users, even though they have only 1/5th users as that of Facebook. Most of the real-time conversations occur through Twitter and the site is trying to attract more conversations through its service.

Facebook is not able to highlight the reactions to events immediately and hence most of the people opt for Twitter when they have to make comments in real time.

According to Allison Miazga-Bedrick, senior brand director for Snickers, they used Facebook to promote the television ads for Super Bowl and achieved a record audience of 114.million ahead of the game. During the game, the company preferred to use Twitter.

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