Published On: Tue, Nov 17th, 2015

Some Common Mistakes That Can Blot Your Search Rankings

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Is the conversion ratio of your business website putting you in worries? You might be wondering about the reasons behind it. Have you analyzed all the aspects of designing? Is your website responsive? Is content-quality good? Are media files in right proportion? Are colors in right contrast?

If your answer is a YES for all the above questions, what else is left considering?


Really? Are you sure you are not missing any important aspect? Think again!

Still not able to guess it? Well, you might be lacking somewhere in your SEO strategies.

Once a website is designed successfully, it is your SEO strategy that matters for achieving success in terms of attracting more and more targeted audience as well as generating revenue. Hence, there is a need to concentrate on your site’s optimisation techniques for driving potential traffic from the renowned search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

The most basic thing for effective SEO is the keyword or phrase that catches the attention of visitors with the very first glance of it. More will be the effectiveness of keywords; faster will be the speed of your website to climb upwards in rankings.

Some business owners often tend to ignore the power of SEO. They hire such services for a certain period. Once they reach the target position, they choose to unsubscribe. And, this turns out a reason for their downfall.

First of all, they need to understand the fact that SEO is a ceaseless process and shows improvement over the time. The Same thing is applicable to learners as well. The people who are still at learning age need to understand that it’s not a child play to learn all the tactics of SEO.

Everybody might be suggesting you with the tips to follow. A very few will be there who will obstruct you from making mistakes. This write-up will help you know some dreadful mistakes that can blemish your brand’s image dramatically.

Mistake #1: Avoiding Analytics to Figure out Conversions

SEO is not just limited to grabbing extensive of traffic; it is about the conversions as well. You can make an easy hold with the keywords and phrases that are most commonly searched for. And, analytics will help you get to choose the right keywords that can bring more conversions and help you achieve target revenue.

Mistake #2: Not Realizing the Significance of Local Search Optimization

If your business’s focus is limited to a particular region or city, it becomes quite imperative that you carry out optimization for the local search. For this, you can start including some specific keywords comprising company’s region or address. This will help to stand on a strong base.

Mistake #3: Use of Inappropriate Keywords

This can be referred as one of the biggest mistakes that can disturb the entire SEO campaign. You should be specific for the selection of keywords keeping the goal of your SEO campaign in mind. This implies that you should have a clear goal in your mind prior structuring the SEO campaign so that choosing keywords can be done wisely.

Avoiding these mistakes will help you attain success much more effectively. Also, not using anchor texts properly for the purpose of internal linking could make you experience a downfall. If you will take care of relevancy, it will definitely help improving the conversion ratio.

Central Idea of the Write-Up

An impactful site can help you raise the conversions. For this, you need to follow a well-structured SEO campaign prepared after complete analysis, avoiding some common mistakes that can stigmatize your brand’s popularity in the highly competitive marketplace.


Anna Brown is working with Xperts Infosoft –a renowned firm for web design in India.  Being a mobile website developer, she understands the value of every aspect that influences design as well as brand’s identity in visitors’ mind. Her passion to dig deeper insights is what sets her apart from fellow developers.

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- I am an internet marketing expert with an experience of 8 years.My hobbies are SEO,Content services and reading ebooks.I am founder of SRJ News andTech Preview.

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