Published On: Mon, Apr 3rd, 2017

Sorry Prashant Bhushan, You Need To Understand Krishna First

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Former Aam Admi Party (AAP) leader Prashant Bhushan is surely to be unfavored by many Hindus voters after his comment on the Internet that Lord Krishna was an eve-teaser.

Krishna is one of the most beloved gods for Hindus and Bhushan said while criticizing Yogi Adityanath’s anti-Romeo brigade.

Adityanath is the new chief minister of Indian state of Uttar Pradesh and his brigade has been lately cracking down on men who are found harassing women on the streets. It has also been reported the team have done the same to couples, relatives and anyone male or female seen together.

Bhushan however said later his tweet was being distorted, but by then it has erupted into internet wildlife, abuse for him and FIR in real-world.

Bhushan wrote, “Romeo loved just one lady, while Krishna was a legendary eve teaser. Would Adityanath have the guts to call his vigilantes AntiKrishna squads?”

Sorry Prashant Bhushan, You Need To Understand Krishna First

Realizing his folly Bhushan later tweeted, “I realize that my tweet on Romeo squads & Krishna was inappropriately phrased & unintentionally hurt sentiments of many ppl. Apologize & delete it.”

Mythology reveals Krishna had 108 gopis and his dance with them took place on the river bank of Vrindavan. It is popularly known as Raas Leela. It is said the gopis were sadhus in their previous lives who had achieved great penance. They were reborn into gopis to take part in Raas Leela.

Does Bhushan understand Krishna? Does he understand the gopis? Is he familiar with Hindu mythology?

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