Published On: Sat, Jan 25th, 2014

South Sudan-The volatile Nation.Hostility between 2 major ethnic groups

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Ever since South Sudan joined the community of independent nations two and half years ago,the country seems to implode again a series of civil war has over cast its shadows over the nation.With the emergence of 2 ethnic groups , one supporting president Salva Kiir and the other backing the former vice president,escalates and has aroused a cyclone of violence since December 15th 2013.


This start with massive bloodletting between 2 major groups Dinkas and Nuers,pitted against each other in the capital of Juba and adjoining towns.


President Kirr Silva is a Dinka whereas his former vice president Riek Machar who has emerged as a rebellion is a Nuer. Kirr arrested many allies of Machar and this let to massive blood shed resulting into killing of more than 10k peoples.The rioters even attacked the U.N base near South Sudan’s border with Ethiopia,resulting in the deaths of 2 peacemakers,one of the being and Indian.Conditions are still pitiable and U.N is striving best to restore peace.

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