Published On: Tue, Dec 3rd, 2019

SPG Bill amendment has no connection to Gandhi family’s SPG cover: Amit Shah

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Union home Minister Amit Shah said Tuesday the government is concerned about security of each and every citizens of India and not just the Gandhi family. He strongly rejected charge of oppositions over the SPG Bill amendments.

The Parliament passed SPG Bill amendments on Friday defining SPG protection to be given only to the Prime Minister while the ex-PMs to avail it for a restricted period.

The SPG Bill now mentions elite SPG security is to be provided to any ex-prime ministers and members of his immediate family who is residing with him at the allotted residence for five years period counted from the date he ceases to hold the office.

He strongly said that the bill is in no way related to the Gandhi family’s SPG cover.

Amit Shad added, “In our Constitution, Prime Minister is head of the state who requires SPG security. But not after the Prime Minister steps down.”

He argued that the Congress never protested in similar manner when the SPG cover was withdrawn from former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

The BJP senior leader further said the SPG security cover is for the prime minister and not to be treated as a status symbol by anyone.

SPG Bill amendment Amit Sha

Amid such a powerful reply by Amit Shah, the Congress walked out of Rajya Sabha criticizing the amendment.

Senior Congress leader Ghulan Nabi Azad said they are not satisfied with the reply of Amit Shah and so had to walk out of the House.

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