Published On: Sat, Apr 22nd, 2017

Stay in Touch with A Mobile Trading Application

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Geopolitical unrest has edged its way back into the markets and has provided the backdrop for increasing volatility which makes it essential to know where the markets are, around the clock, especially if you are trading forex. Having access to a mobile trading platforms that allows you to monitor market conditions and evaluate currency pairs, indices and commodities in real time, could be the difference between success and failure.

Mobile platforms continue to become more efficient and flexible. Many platforms including Netdania, and iFOREX, provide applications that allow you to pinpoint specific currencies pairs, and in some cases trade in real-time. Prior to using any broker or platform you should perform your due diligence. For example, if you plan to use a full-service broker you should check brokers reviews, for example iforex review.

Stay in Touch with A Mobile Trading Application

The issue for market participants has been the introduction of unpredictability in the political space. Since his election on November 8, 2016, Donald Trump has consistently inserted his view of the market, despite contradictory claims from his administration. Trump is fond of tweeting his view, but he does not shy away from interviews, including one with the Wall Street Journal where he commented on the value of the dollar.

French and UK Election are on the Horizon

In addition, the beginning of 2017, was chock full of elections. The Dutch had their election in March of 2017, which is followed by the French election in April. In mid-April, the UK Prime Minister May, announced that she was calling for snap general elections in June, which generated a sharp 2-big figure move in the sterling. Since the Brexit will dominate these elections, there is a lot riding on this gamble undertaken by the Tory party. While the polls continue to show that May is very popular, a binary event such as a general election could generate significant volatility. It’s been more than 43-years since an election was called that will focus on a single issue in the United Kingdom.

Tensions are Simmering in the Mid-East

Earlier in the month, Syria bombed its own people with chemical weapons. This was not the first time this occurred, but Trump immediately changed his view on the Syrian President Assad, and retaliated with an attack on Syria. While the United States hopesthis will be a one-off situation, this will not likely be the case. Many who support Syria have spoken up and this type of conflict could lead to escalating tensions in the mid-east. This is a hotspot for oil prices, which have already seen supply disruptions come out of Libya.

Trump also let loose the mother of all bombs on Afghanistan in an effort to fight ISIS. The goal was to disrupt underground tunnels created by the terrorist group, but the deed did not go unnoticed by enemies of the United States.

With market moving events continuing to roil the currency, commodity and equity markets, you will need a reputable mobile app to follow the movements of the securities you are trading. Take your time and check out your brokers mobile application and see if it is right for you.

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