Published On: Wed, Aug 22nd, 2018

Survival Tips in Wildlife- Everything that you Need to Know

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The jungle or wildlife may appear as a fun place for visiting and spending some quality time, but everything will not be a bed of roses here. So, to make your visit a safe and worthwhile one, you need to follow some survival tips.


• Find Shelter- First and foremost, you will require shelter to protect yourself. The shelter should be easy to create yet strong enough to protect you against the elements and also the wild animals. Here a smart step will be to build a lean-to that will lean against the tree.

• Find Water- Collecting water may not be so tricky but you should ensure that it is safe and hygienic for drinking. You can collect rainwater, drops off of plants and vegetation or make water still.

survival tips

• Find Food-Just as water, and you also need to find food for survival. If a horse accompanies you, then you need to collect food for the horse as well. Be it for horse safari or horse racing you need to feed your horse with a proper diet to keep it in the pink of health. Know more about horse racing at TVG. Although food in the jungle is available in plenty, not all are edible. To be on the safe side consume fruits which you have eaten before or are familiar with. Most importantly unless you are a professional hunter do not go hunting for food.

• Keep Moving- The more you enter a jungle, the more alert you need to be and have a good sense of direction else you are likely to get stuck up in the wilderness. Look for a point of reference which you can utilize as you continue walking.

• Watch for Predators- You will find predators all around the jungle that come in various forms. It is best to blend in the maximum possible. Move quickly and quietly as possible and keep an eye on both large animals and small insects alike. Before putting on your shoes or clothes or eating anything, ensure that there are no insects in it.


• Protect Yourself-When you visit wildlife or jungle, you should always be prepared to protect yourself. Always carry a blade or a pocket knife or even take a rock. Most importantly you need to be aware of the surroundings as well as listen to any suspicious noise. This way you can remain safe and react faster.

• Handle Problems- You may hurt yourself while you are in the jungle that can be dangerous. If you hurt yourself, then you should take good care of yourself. In case of a snake bite, it is best to suck out the poison.

• Start a Fire- You can start a fire to boil water, keep yourself warm or boil rags to disinfect wounds. Besides, it can keep you warm during a cold night and most importantly keep animals at bay.
These are some of the tips that you need to consider to survive appropriately in wildlife or jungle and return safely.

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