Published On: Wed, Dec 25th, 2019

Take Advantage of Extended After-Xmas Sales

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The early bird gets the worm…or does it? The day after Christmas is traditionally the day serious bargain hunters head to the malls. But not so fast! The real deals are yet to come! Retailers are trying to take advantage of those die-hard discount seekers by cutting prices even more in the days and weeks after December 25th.

How to Cash in on Extended After Christmas Sales

For shoppers who were cleaning up after a holiday party on December 26th and missed the big after-Christmas sales, don’t fret, there is still time. And the longer shoppers wait, the better the bargains may be. Even though retailers planned better this year, and didn’t stock up as heavily on merchandise, the excess they do have…they want to get rid of. So if a bright pink sweater is still on that list, head to the mall or online, but be sure to find the absolute lowest price. Sites like Shopstyle will locate the best price on the web just by entering the item or item number.

Do some Research before Heading to the Mall

Shoppers who prefer to buy at brick-and-mortar stores instead of in cyber space should still comparison shop online before heading to the nearest shopping center. There, consumers can locate the best price and make sure certain sizes are still available. With limited inventory, even the most rock-bottom price is no good if the sought-after sizes are long gone.

Avoid Crowds and Slim Pickings by Getting to the Mall Early

Some shoppers think they missed the best deals by over-sleeping on the day after Christmas. Not so! But still, even a week after Christmas, it’s still a good idea to arrive when the stores open. That way, the crowds haven’t yet arrived, and sales people will have more time to search for sizes and colors. Even if a particular size is not available on the rack, a salesperson might be able to find the correct size at another store and have it shipped right to the shopper’s door! Nordstrom which holds its men’s sale after Christmas, will do that at no charge.

Take Advantage of Extended After-Xmas Sales

Finally, stay hydrated! People don’t realize how many miles they log just by walking from one end of the mall to the other and back! And with all the crowds lining the escalators, not to mention wearing a heavy coat, dehydration could set in. So take a break, grab some water and regroup. This would be a good time to go over exactly what one needs and contemplate if those purchases are really necessary. After all, no deal is a good one, if the item goes unused in a corner of the closet for two years. Whatever it takes, avoid impulse spending!

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