Published On: Thu, Nov 27th, 2014

Christmas is soon kids.You want some cool stuffs?

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Are you a parent looking to buy something new and unique for your kids this Christmas season? Do you like to think beyond the usual clothes and toys and want to awake and nurture the inner geek in your child? Well, the following are some of the things that you can buy for your kids to shift their interest from Clash of Clans game or Dinner Dash games to technology.

Snap Circuits Jr.

Snap Circuits Jr.

If you would like your child to learn about electric circuits without any tools or soldering, then Snap Circuits Jr. is a safe bet. This circuit building and connecting game will help your child to learn the art of making electrical circuits. This kit comes with 30 parts like battery, light, switch and siren along with an instruction booklet that gives instructions on how to carry out more than 100 projects. This game is easy to play for kids from age 8 years and beyond. All the pieces fit easily into a peg board and they are snapped in position to keep them in the place or long time. The pieces are brightly colored so that the child can easily follow the instructional diagrams to build their circuits.

Sky Guide App

If you would like your child to know more about the planets, constellations and comets, then all you need is to buy and download the Sky Guide app on your Apple phone. It is a very good app that your kid can use to instantly gaze stars. All it needs is for you to hold your Apple Gadget up to the sky during day or night to watch planets or constellations on the phone that you cannot watch with your naked eye.  It just costs $1.99 and offers the child the option to track 250 odd satellites and International Space Station.

Little Bits Base Kit

Little Bits base kit is another electronic kit that is different from Snap Circuits and is also a bit pricier. You use cardboards, Lego and clay to make functional electrical projects here. The base kit offers you 10 modules that includes buzzer, motor, light sensor and dimmer and these things snap together through a magnet. It is an easy to use electronics kit that will keep your child glued to using the kit for hours together. It will help your child develop basic knowledge of electronics and connection of circuits to develop their knowledge about electric connections.

These few easy to use technology driven gifts can make your child learn something new this holiday season.

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