Published On: Thu, Sep 26th, 2019

The Importance of Exercise in Childhood

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Children are born naturally active. It is an instinctive behavior that is set in early in life. Give a child the space and time, and he will be on the move. From rolling to crawling, from walking to running, being active is a natural response for children. Children need daily physical activity to thrive both physically and mentally. It is important for parents and care givers to ensure that children have the time and space to play and run.

Why Children are not Exercising

If it is such a natural response for children to be active, why has exercise become a problem for many children? Busy lifestyles, working parents, and school demands, can take up most of the day, leaving little to no free time for exercise. Homework demands have increased in recent decades, as has the use of television and video games. Adults themselves are also struggling to find the time to exercise, and therefore are unable to set a good example. Families should work together to schedule free time to play, explore, run, and enjoy leisure activities together.

The Importance of Exercise

Exercise is essential to good health and well being. The benefits of regular exercise include the following:

Exercise strengthens the cardiovascular system, and reduces the risk of heart disease. Heart disease is becoming more prevalent in children and exercise has been shown to reduce damage and prevent problems before they begin.
Exercise is good for developing brains. Exercise helps to increase mental flexibility and agility, and improves concentration, alertness, and intellectual capacity.
Exercise increases the supply of oxygenated blood. This helps children’s bodies work more efficiently, and improves their resistance to disease. It also helps increase resistance to diabetes.
Exercise has also been shown to improve self-esteem and mental attitude. Regular exercise produces muscle strength, improves aerobic fitness, and provides children a sense of accomplishment.

The Importance of Exercise in Childhood

What Type of Exercise do Children Need

Children basically need the same types of exercise that adults do; exercise that promotes flexibility, builds muscle, and aerobic exercise that works the heart and lungs. This doesn’t have to come from a structured workout routine, all of this can be accomplished simply by playing. Large muscle groups are worked during activities such as walking, climbing, skipping, and kicking a ball. Aerobic activities that promote cardiovascular health include swimming, cycling, running, and active team sports. Flexibility exercises are karate, gymnastics, ballet, and playground activities. Rest is also important. Most children will take a self-imposed break, while some will need to be reminded to have a rest. This means a few minutes to slow down and relax, and would be a good time to offer fluids.

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