Published On: Sun, Oct 27th, 2019

The Nation of Islam – Resurrecting Lazarus

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In 1930, Wallace D. Fard Muhammad founded a religious organization known as the Nation of Islam in Detroit, Michigan. According to W.D Muhammad, “the sole purpose of the Nation of Islam was to resurrect the spiritual, mental, social and economic condition of the African American community. What W. D Fard Muhammad and his followers didn’t foresee however was the impact the Nation of Islam would later have on the Black Christian church.

Elijah Muhammad

In 1934, W.D. Muhammad mysteriously disappeared leaving Allah’s Temple of Islam to his “Supreme Minister” Elijah Muhammad who then changed its name to the Nation of Islam (N.O.I.).

According to Elijah Muhammad it was only through Islam and the teachings of W.D Fard Muhammad that he was able to transform himself and others:

“On His leave of us, He began to tell me what I may expect, what will come to pass, and what I should do to try and make my people qualified, rather to reform them and make them acceptable by the Islamic people. He told me to teach them that they must change completely in the way of righteousness, and that they would have to forego the names that they were in and that He would give them all a name Himself. There was much He said, much He said to me.”

Resurrecting Lazarus

According to the website Islam For Today, nearly 30 percent of the 6 to 8 million Muslims in the United States are African American, who are nearly all converts from mainstream Christian denominations. The reasons for such religious defection are multifaceted in nature. However what is clear is that the Nation of Islam at least in the eyes of many African Americans has achieved a high degree of credibility because of what many perceive as its leadership role in the historical fight against racism in the United States along with its strong advocacy for economic autonomy in the black community.

The Nation of Islam - Resurrecting Lazarus

Elijah Muhammad suggested the Nation of Islam had a profound affect on the psychology of the community and altered the lives of thousands of African American men and women socially, politically, intellectually, economically and spiritually. Notwithstanding while the Black church was marching for the integration of public schools, the Nation of Islam adopted a revolutionary line of reasoning that suggested black people had the economic power to build their own schools and hospitals in their communities.”

According to Dr. Herbert Berg, “many African Americans today still see the Nation of Islam as being perhaps the only modern day example of Jesus’ prophecy of signs and wonders following those who believe largely because of its track record of awakening radical spiritual change in the lives of individuals or in other words to essentially “resurrect Lazarus from the dead”.

The Black Church

Today the spiritual awakening of the black church is more important than ever as America slowly ascends from the ruins of a world economic collapse. Once again many prominent black leaders are calling on the Black church to take the lead in helping stabilize families and further propel the African American community forward. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. along with other Christian leadership left the 21st century black church with a mandate to get ‘the people’ over the mountaintop.

With all due respect, the election of President Barack Obama didn’t negate or fulfill that mandate. It is going to require the black church to assume its place on the “right side of history “and to do as Jesus charged, ‘I tell you the truth; anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.”

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