Published On: Sat, Jan 9th, 2016

The NorthCap University, Gurgaon conducts Sahaj Yoga program

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The NorthCap University, Gurgaon (NCU) recently organized a Sahaj yoga program titled “Yoga Dhara- A cultural program and mediation session” which was held by Sahaj yoga group of Her Highness Shri Mataji Nirmal Devi at the
University campus. It was their first performance in India at NCU. A group of 24 artists from 7 different nations (Ukraine, Russia, England, China, Italy, Spain and Belgium) came to spread self realization and meditation.
More than 400 students of the University along with Brig. SK Sharma (Retd), Pro Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Prem Vrat, Pro Chancellor and faculty members attended the session. The Sahaj Yoga performers would perform in 15 cities
from 7 states of India to perform 25 programs in total.

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During the Yoga Dhara program, the artists presented a mesmerizing show of Kuchipudi dance, bhajans and instrumentals based on different ragas. The artists also showed the sahaj yoga techniques to the students and staff of University. The speaker of the group, Mr. Swapnil along with and Ms. Diana, head of the touring team enlightened the audience about sahaj yoga. He said that sahaj yoga is a combination of yoga, music and meditation. Yoga is a union of energy residing in our body which helps the energy flow in one direction bringing a sense of self-realization. Through yoga and meditation we can develop our inner strength. He also mentioned that the seven chakras of our body are connected to seven ragas.

Vineet Gupta, student, The NorthCap University said, “This was a very informative session which has inculcated in us the importance of performing yoga and its health benefits. I am so inspired by the session that I have
decided to perform yoga at least an hour a day.”

The faculty and students of the University were enthralled to be a part of such a fascinating performance. The experience was a memorable one as the audience thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it while gaining an insight to
the techniques of meditation and yoga. The artists will also perform at Delhi, Noida, Haridwar, Sahranpur, Jaipur, Indore, Chindwara, Nagpur, Chandrapur Amravati, Nasik, Pune and more.

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