Published On: Tue, Jan 22nd, 2019

The Optimization of Electronics and Technology Application with Collaborative Robots

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As the robotic automation continues to grow more modern robots such as the game changing collaborative robots from Universal Robots are entering the realm that was meant for humans. A ‘cobot’ is a robot, which works in harmony with a human worker hence the name collaborative. The cobot and a human are able to produce the desired result much better and faster than either one of them if they were working independently.

Universal Robots has three different collaborative robot sizes with each robot sizes having six articulation points; they are also very flexible, which is the reason as to why they have undergone an easy integration into the production environment all over the world.

The cobots are lightweight, space-saving, and easy to re-deploy to several applications without the need to change the production layout inside the electronics and tech industries.

Collaborative Robots in Electronics and Technology Industry

The cobots from make it easy for electronic engineers to modulate, mount, and fasten the elements on PCBs with 0.1mm (0.004 in) to enhance accuracy. They also enable a fast adaption of manufacturing lines to new products on time due to their flexibility in deployment. In all the stages ranging from design, application set up, manufacturing/production, operation, and preservation, the tech industry has evolved quickly to conform to the changing conditions of the industry.

Universal robot provide the  electronics companies the agility to automate nearly any manual undertaking whilst increasing the value of all the production activities with a collaborative robotic arm that has a fast payback (return on investment) in less than an year. Fortunately, modern robot automation is cheap making it affordable for small and medium-sized organizations.

Electronics and technology are booming industries which are in need of robot arms that can be quickly incorporated without any problems into all forms of digital and technology production such as lighting fixtures, cellular phones, computer systems and input devices, audio and visual devices.

Collaborative robots from Universal Robots reduce the chance of employee injury even as it increases the precision since the cobot can easily perform complex jobs that require operating in close proximity with very sensitive machinery.  They can also move products through the production and manufacturing line without the need for human interaction.

Case study of Cobot Use in the Electronic and Technology Industry

Scott Fetzer Electrical Group

This company based in USA was seeking out ways to be more competitive on the global scale. The challenge was that it is a high mix-low extent manufacturer where most of their lines do not run all of the time. The director of operations noticed that the UR robot was the only robot that can perform this activity.

The solution

SFEG positioned the UR robots on pedestals with wheels and is now constructing the fleet of mobile cobot deployed through the sheet metal branch, integrating them inside the whole production cycle from cutting the original plank at the blanking press to forming, folding each and every assembly of the electric components.

The collaborative robots being used in the motor subject line are the UR5 and a UR10 robot. The UR5 is located at the end line right next to the company’s worker in order to hand the robot a motor field element. The UR5 picks up the component, places it in a holder, picks up a wire cutter to trim the wires and then places the component for the UR10 cobot to pick up and place on a conveyor for the final assembly. The UR5 cobot cut 16,000 wires every day, a task that was once done manually.

Final Remarks

Universal Robots have indeed revolutionized the robotic automation industry with their modern and efficient collaborative robots which have been beneficial in the streamlining of the electronics and technology operations. This has helped the industries that use the cobots to achieve an increased production output.


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