Published On: Thu, Aug 31st, 2017

The Paramount Importance Of Having A Secure Online Presence

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As a small business who works hard and caters to your own niche market you may make the mistake of thinking there’s no information on your site or in your records that would be of interest to a hacker. Websites however are unfortunately hacked all the time, and even the most unassuming business owners have their servers compromised, either for the purposes of sending spam, or other illegal activities. It’s important to remember, it isn’t about what your business does, it’s about how your business’ information can be co-opted. It’s about how your trusted clients (such as those who’ve signed up for your newsletter for example) can be manipulated into clicking a lethal link that steals their private information, IP addresses, implants viruses onto their computers, or worse.

Hackers can also try to gain access control, which is essentially your log in information. This often comes in the form of a brute force attack where the hacker attempts to guess the possible username and password. There are also phishing pages designed to capture a user identification.

It’s important to educate yourself and become aware of how vulnerable your online presence is – then consider what you can do to reduce risk, and prevent a breech. Consider a service provider that has your company’s security interests in mind. HostPapa is a leader in Canadian website hosting and e-mail service hosting designed to meet the unique needs of small businesses. If they’re known better for anything else it’s the attention they pay, and exceptional support they provide for their clients, including security. As a part of their customer care when you sign your business up, you receive some of the world’s most powerful security solutions on the market including a server firewall, IP deny manager, brute force detection, RAID Redundancy, network monitoring, FTPS and Let’s Encrypt SSL.

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Additional services they offer include SSL certificates, letting your clients know any data they choose to share with you will be stored safely, HostPapa automated website backup should anything get lost in the event of an attempted trespass or otherwise, even Sucuri – the program which will clean any viruses that clandestinely become embedded onto your site by hackers with the potential of harming website visitors. The program will scan and detect for any malware and remove it quickly, repair Google blacklists, repair search engine poisoning, and protect your brand’s reputation.

At a time where approximately 1 billion websites are hacked every day, it’s important to keep your website and confidential information safe. Ensure your web hosting service can provide you with the best security available, and 24/7 customer support should you have any concerns or suspicions. Those individuals and groups who use their technological skill to further devious intentions are only growing as the internet becomes more advanced. There are entryways that aren’t obvious to the untrained eye, therefore prevent leaks and security issues before they can occur through trusted programs, and the trustworthy partners that can provide you with them.

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