Published On: Fri, Jul 19th, 2019

The Pleasures of Having A Family Safari in East Africa

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A safari in Africa is a common bucket list item for most people with an adventurous spirit, but all the fun and thrills are doubled when you get to share these moments with the entire family. With the many options available today that take into account the needs of travellers of all ages, there’s a safari out there to please every member of the family. There’s really no reason at all that your next family holiday can’t be a safari – what better way to teach your young ones about nature and make memories that will last for years to come.

Over time, there has been the development of different safari types, and family safaris are one of the most practical packages for adults traveling with children. The defining feature of this safari package is that it is centered on the warmth and friendliness that will give every family member the desired satisfaction. Personal attention is provided to the unique needs of the family with a focus on the age of the children and what they will find interesting while out in the wild without limiting the fun of the adults.

While the first notion about being in the African jungle is that it is a wild eco-system where only the strongest survive, a clear line has been drawn between where people can have fun and where animals freely roam. It is therefore not surprising that the African bush is one of the best playgrounds where the young ones will get to have an immersive cultural experience with the local communities. The captivating traditional games, stories from the bush guides, and local folklore count as key highlights of the safari which will transform the view of the young ones to the natural world.

The Pleasures of Having A Family Safari in East Africa

All the fun is made possible by the exclusive family-friendly camps which provide the right conditions for everyone to have a night out in the wild and get the magic touch of Mama Africa. The good news is that these camps are found in spectacular locations that will have the relaxing feel that is desired for any vacation. In East Africa, there are lots of sites to choose from, and these include Rekero, Dunia, Rohoya Selous, Sayari, MaraBush Houses, MatemweBeach House, and Jabali Private House.

Besides the tailored accommodation and fun activities which will have the children wishing for more weeks in East Africa, game drives will always be moments that everyone looks for as they offer unfiltered exposure to nature. Large families can opt for private vehicles and guides who will be dedicated to giving them flexible game viewing solutions. Most of the game drives take place in the mornings and evenings when wildlife are most active and when the temperatures are not at their highest.

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