Published On: Tue, Apr 12th, 2016

The Rise of Business Video Conferencing in the Digital Age

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According to a study conducted by Global Workplace Analytics, at least half of the total US workforce is currently employed in a job that can allow them to conduct meetings through online conferencing as of January 2016. With so many people working in companies that are adapting to the times, business owners can’t afford to let their brands be left behind. How come video conferencing has come out on top as most enterprises’ communication model of choice?

How Video Conferencing Saves Businesses Time and Money

Business owners are busy – that’s a fact of life. They don’t have time to waste just to attend unimportant meetings, much less having to shuttle themselves from one part of the globe to the next. Besides saving precious time, video conferencing also helps companies save a huge amount of money. Instead of having to pay for airline tickets, board and lodging, and other expenses, you can choose to invest your money in more productive ventures.

In fact, even if the venue for a face-to-face meeting is only an hour away by car, you’d already be eating up a substantial amount of resources. A study by George Mason University estimates that you would already eat up the same amount of electrical power that you could have used for a thousand hours of video conferencing instead… and that’s just for a one-way trip!

But even if you could hop onto a video call, why go through all the trouble of setting up a video conferencing system and a reliable wireless broadband connection when your company could just stick to traditional business conversations conducted over the phone?

Why Video Conferencing is More Effective Than Audio Calls

When taking audio calls, we can only gauge somebody’s personality based on their tone of voice as well as their choice of words. On the other hand, video conferencing allows people to see each person’s appearance, facial expressions, body gestures, and even the venue in which they are speaking from. Being able to see these subtle physical cues can even increase how invested people become during the discussion.

According to a study published in September 2015 and conducted by Wataru Sato and Reiko Sawada, facial expressions accelerated people’s engagement, mostly likely due to the emotional significance linked to the aforementioned expressions. At the same time, using a variety of facial expressions made it much less likely for audiences to stop paying attention too soon, compared to using neutral expressions.

It’s Time to Take Advantage of Online Conferences

Given these startling statistics, who can blame brand owners for shifting from traditional methods of communication to modern ones? For enterprises looking to make an impact, investing in a good telecommunications portal and a secure wireless broadband solution is essential to landing more sales. Though times may change how we communicate a few years down the line, the ability for business owners to adapt is what makes for resilient and powerful businesses, ones that will survive no matter what new technologies may come and go.

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