Published On: Fri, Aug 9th, 2019

The Truth About Fast Weight Loss Plans

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Many individuals want to lose weight quickly, whether it’s for health reasons or for a specific occasion. Crash diets seem to be the trend, and are the diets these people try first. While some of these diets do absolutely nothing to help an individual lose weight, there are some crash diets that work. Below, individuals will find the truth about fast weight loss plans.

Understand about Water Weight

The truth about fast weight loss plans is that most of the weight that is lost is simply water weight. While this can be helpful for fitting into a dress that is one size too small, the truth is that the weight will most likely be gained back as soon as the individual begins eating normally. Most crash diets that work place an emphasis on taking in a lot of liquids, which helps the body flush out the water that has been retained, resulting in the weight loss that many experience quickly.

Be Aware of Crash Diets and Nutrition

You should be aware that most crash diets do not typically contain the amount of nutrition an individual needs to keep his or her body functioning properly. For this reason, these diets, which are supposed to last a number of days, should not be taken past that limited number of days.

Doing so could place your health in jeopardy. The shock which is placed on the body with crash diets restricting carbohydrates or calories can cause a number of complications – including but not limited to hair loss, tooth decay, shutdown of major organs and more. To learn more, visit Weight Loss Center.

The Truth About Fast Weight Loss Plans

Why You May Gain More on Crash Diets

Individuals who try crash diets will often find that they have lost weight, but then have regained that weight with additional weight added to it. This is called yo-yo dieting. There is a reason for this. Most crash diets drastically reduce the nutrition being taken in and your body is led to think that it’s starving to death. When you’re eating normally again, your body will try to regain the weight it’s lost and more in order to prepare for the next bout of starvation. This is a survival mechanism and the reason for the weight gain after crash diets.

Exercise is Important

Unfortunately, the truth about crash diets is that they don’t emphasize exercise as an important part of weight loss. Exercise should be the cornerstone of any good diet and without exercise, individuals are not losing weight properly. Exercise helps to firm and tone the body as you lose weight. Without exercise, the body will not lose weight properly or in a healthy way. This can lead to sagging skin, wrinkles, stretch marks and muscle atrophy. Exercise should be emphasized in any diet plan.

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