Published On: Tue, Sep 18th, 2018

Things to Keep in Mind Before Applying for a Scholarship

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So, you have thought of applying for any of the scholarship exams for class 8 online? First, give yourself a pat on the backfor your decision as scholarships are the best way to give your JEE or NEET preparation a financial backing. There’s no questioning the benefits of a scholarship. When applying for a scholarship, there is a lot you can get right, but there is a lot you can get wrong as well. To help you avoid the potential pitfalls, here we have scouted a list of things that you must keep in mind before you go ahead and apply for any of the available scholarships.


Be Aware of Scams

The first step obviously is to keep away from scholarship scams that are flooded on the internet. Be wary of scholarships that claim things that are too good to be true. Also, never apply for one that is not associated with any of the renowned coaching institutes. Furthermore, pop-up ads that claim ‘you have won a free scholarship’ are mostly scams. So, make a point of never clicking on them.

Research Well Before Applying

Don’t just go ahead and apply for the first scholarship that appears online. Research well about the perks, hidden charges and the terms and conditions of the scholarship. To be on a safer side, be sure of comparing a minimum of four scholarship options. After a thorough comparison, see which one works best in your favour and can benefit you in the future. Furthermore, don’t research for scholarships alone. Include your parents in this process as well. Assistance from elders will prove to be extremely beneficial in finding out the best scholarship program for you.

Check If You are Eligible

Once you have researched well about the scholarship, you will then need to read between the lines. Usually, scholarship programs have their set eligibility rules. These rules can be based on academic year, academic disciplineor a variety of other things. Go through the rules carefully before you apply as no one wants to waste time filling out an application for which they don’t qualify.

Know the Examination Pattern Well

Every coaching institute that offers a scholarship exam has a set examination pattern which is available on their official website. Before filling the scholarship form, go through the examination pattern to identify if you are readytoapply in the same year or you need another year of preparation. Getting a thorough idea of the examination pattern will also help you in analysingwhich subjects carry maximum marks and where you need to put in most of your efforts. Furthermore, you will even get to know about the syllabus for the scholarship exam.

Know About the Scholarship Criteria

Many scholarship programs like that offered from Aakash Institute(ANTHE) have a set scholarship criterion. The scholarship amount and the waiver areexplicitly mentioned on the official websiteof the coaching institute conducting the scholarship. For example, Aakash Institute offers a 100% tuition, admission and registration fee waiver to those students who secure a rank between 01-50 in the Aakash National Talent Hunt Exam. With a clear idea of the scholarship criteria, you will know how strongly prepared you need to be.

Know About the Modes of Learning Offered

With NEET and JEE going online from 2019, it is imperative to know if the coaching institute you are aiming to join through a scholarship offers online learning programs or not. For example, Aakash Institute providesDLP, online and classroom learning programs. This makes Aakash Institute and their scholarship exam one of the most reputed in the country. So, before you go ahead and apply for a scholarship, be sure of identifying the study modes that are being offered.

Now that you know the things that you need to keep in mind before applying for a scholarship exam, go ahead and apply for the selected scholarship exam for class 8 online and give your future the desired push.

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