Published On: Thu, Sep 24th, 2015

Think Stations adds Creativity at Science Festival

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The Indian Science Festival is a chance to meet science outside of textbooks in a fun and engaging way. The 3 day science festival was organized at Thyagaraj Stadium in which more than 40 Delhi NCR schools participated with a footfall of 5,000 students. The main aim of the festival was to stimulate popularization of science using visual medium. 30-40 exhibitors put up their stalls to showcase different science concepts. One of the exhibitors Think Stations; a development centre of Gurgaon conducted a workshop to inculcate concepts of science to students in a creative way.

Think Stations adds Creativity at Science Festival

Think Stations focuses on 21st century skills like communication, critical thinking, collaboration, comprehension and creativity. They incorporated some of these skills with science and demonstrated the following concepts:

Walking on eggs: This demonstrated how strong an egg’s structure is. In fact, arches are modeled on the same shape- as an egg is strongest at the top and the bottom, and when equal pressure is applied to an egg, it won’t break!

Making colourful and bouncy eggs with some household ingredients like vinegar and food colouring. The egg’s shell dissolves due to its reaction with the vinegar and it absorbs the colouring via osmosis.

2 Think Stations adds Creativity at Science Festival

Floating an egg in water: This is the result of buoyancy- by adding salt to the water, the density of the water increases allowing an egg to float to the surface.

Demonstrating inertia and gravity using an egg and some everyday objects.

Gayatri Singh, Founder CEO, Think Stations said, “We quickly realized that this was the right step to take as we became one of the main attractions of the show. We were surprised when children crowded around to watch us, while spectacles occurred all around! This just validated what we do at our centre, and our beliefs: keep things simple, and make sure learning is fun. I think we succeeded! ”

The other activities at the festival were science alley Color Tube, weight on various planets, Rubik’s cube, Light Trap, hands on activities Mission to Mars, Stomp Rocketry, Hydro Rocketry, telescope, science shows Augmented Reality, Ice Age, Alchemist Show, specialized zones Robotics, Aero modelling, and Lego Education.

This 3 day science extravaganza was a path breaking concept that included an array of workshops, live demonstration of experiments, hands on activities that helped in nourishing the growing science talent among children who are the future generation of scientists.

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