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If you use the Internet to stay connected with friends, shopping, entertainment or work tend to be the best course of browsing speed is important to you. Whether it be broadband or 3G connection, often returns to the problem of slow internet speed. But if you routinely browser cache clear then it not only enhances your browsing speed, but also maintains your privacy.

What is the browser cache ?

whenever we open a web page on the internet, browser, text us details of the website is stored on our computer’s hard disk. This is because the next time you open the website then quickly before he can open the saved information on the website, but it is also a problem.

Actually, we have several websites open while surfing the Internet, which we would not go again. Further details of the website information as well as user ID, time, etc. is saved under cache. Now the problem is that the data of our hard disk space unnecessarily long does it save, which makes a difference on the speed of the Internet.

Threat to privacy is not a big problem cache clear with regard to privacy. For instance, when we use the computer then opened by us, including website addresses, takes time to open and save passwords etc.. After that, if a computer is used by us so that we can easily know what to do when on the Internet.


Is certain is that with login IDs, passwords, banking Information and other information will also be saved, which is important for us to erase.


Threat to privacy Cookies

Cookies browser cache as well as a threat to the privacy of the user. Information sent by the Website under its frequent connection and the server, which is saved as a text. The authentication information, visit our Internet session information and the preference that we are saved during a search on the website.

Kasen the Cookies and cache clear:


If using Internet Explorer 8, ..











If you are using Internet Explorer 8 for browsing the menu bar go to tools and select Delete Browsing History. Bar//

As shown in the picture, then click the Temporary Internet Files and Cookies box and press the Delete button.


If you use Mozilla Firefox …

Users of Firefox, go to Tools in the browser menu, click Clear Recent History. history


Everything went according to the picture in the Select Time Range to Clear menu and click the Clear Now.


When using Google Chrome …


If you are using Chrome browser and click the wrench at the top right of the browser and select Tools. tools/

As shown in the picture now select Clear browsing data, select the beginning of time, and then click the Clear browsing data.

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