Published On: Fri, Jun 21st, 2019

Today is International Day of Yoga. Learn benefits of yoga

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Would you like to lower your blood pressure, increase your flexibility, improve muscle tone and practice relaxation techniques? Try yoga. This ancient practice aims to bring together the mind and body, providing both physiological and psychological benefits that will transition from the yoga mat to your personal and professional life.

Improve Your Flexibility

This seems to be the most obvious benefit of yoga. Many people don’t understand the full benefit of stretching and yoga, but tight muscles can lead to chronic pain and/or injuries. For example, tight hamstrings can lead to back pain through the lumbar spine. As many of us sit at desks for the majority of our work days, our muscles tend to tighten up. A routine yoga session can help increase our flexibility and decrease those daily aches and pains.

Yoga also helps prevent and treat symptoms of arthritis by flexing joints and joint cartilage. Cartilage can wear out if overused or not used at all. Yoga provides the gentle yet effective exercise your joints need.

Improve Your Concentration

Yoga requires that you focus on your breathing and your muscular and skeletal alignment. This focus is important – as with any exercise regime, proper posture helps to prevent injury and increase benefits. However, by holding various yoga poses over a period of minutes, concentration is of utmost importance.

Meditation and yoga not only have physical benefits, but many people believe that the “concentration lessons” learned during their sessions has improved their work performance and increased their spirituality.

Improve Your Circulation


Regular practice of yoga helps decrease blood pressure and stabilize your pulse rate. Twisting poses in particular are thought to help increase blood flow around your internal organs. By aiding in blood flow, yoga improves the transportation of oxygen around your system, helping to prevent medical catastrophes such as blood clots.

Lower Your Blood Sugar Levels

Studies have shown that yoga lowers the blood sugar levels of diabetics. This is mostly through the benefit of weight loss that an exercise regime such as daily yoga can cause. Yoga has also been shown to lower cortisol and adrenaline levels.

Interestingly, lowering your cortisol levels improves your health in many other areas, including stress and anxiety. High levels of cortisol also assist in increasing body fat, so lowering these levels can help if you are seeking to lose weight.

Many people practice yoga on its own while others add yoga into an exercise regime that includes cardio and strength training. Whether you are just starting out or are simply seeking to shake up your regular routine, yoga can be just the answer you need to help increase your health.

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